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led bar

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  1. JK Technical Discussion
    Hi guys, recently bought a new bull bar from extreme terrain containing the raxiom led lighting switch. Nice for me as I’m comfortable installing most things on my Jeep but electrical always makes me look like a fool. Issue- which I’ve seen in many areas but no actual remedy— the switch button...
  2. Off Road and External Lighting
    I'm sure this has been asked and answered plenty, but I can only find an old(ish) thread. I'm so confused by the myriad choices of lights at this point, I thought I'd try and find a mount and work backwards. Mostly, I'm looking for a light bar mount that's going to create the least amount of...
  3. JK General Discussion
    Posted here because the lighting forum has fewer viewers: Has anyone ACTUALLY wired a Quadratec Wiring Harness themselves? After going over the instructions, I am comfortable attempting except for the portion where I would need to add a tap to the cigarette power. The harness seems to require...
  4. TJ General Discussion
    Have now done all new steering, new trac bar, upper and lower control arms, Rubicon express 3.5 lift w/ shocks, 295/70r17 nitto trail graps on 17x9 mayhem rampage wheels. I was looking at rock sliders, led bar and cubes, mean grill, headlights, rear tire carrier with matching spare, hi lift jack...
  5. JK General Discussion
    Is anyone using FCK lightbars on their build? Relatively new company, at least to me. just wondering if anyone has first hand experience with them...
  6. JK Build Forum
    Hey guys, First off, PLEASE comment with any ideas. Alright so I'm pretty new here and thought I'd throw my jeep out there and see what everyone thought of it. However, first I would like to say that i'm personally very proud of this car. It was given to me in 2011 after it was my moms car...
  7. JK General Discussion
    HI everyone, I just bought some Rigid Industries LED bar lights, and set of two Dually LED's but I'm concerned about getting them stolen :nonono:. I live in Chicago and most of the time have to leave it parked on the streets :( I was thinking of having the bar light mounted on my Red Rock...
  8. JK Build Forum
    Hello from Tennessee!!! I'm starting to empty out my pockets so I'm either in a build OR I own a Jeep. Not sure if there is a difference. :iamhappy: So here is a thread of the Orange Crush as it turns into the Tiger Scout.
  9. Off Road and External Lighting
    Good day Jeepers. Do any of you know which rig was used for this configuration? What size lights they used and what not? I love the set up,it looks unique(the 3 lights across the top). I would just like some more info in regards to its installation.
  10. Off Road and External Lighting
    I have a 40 inch light bar and am wondering how to mount it above the windshield? all the brackets are for 50s.. would really appreciate some help
  11. Off Road and External Lighting
    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with any of the no name led bars on amazon. They're way cheaper than any of the ones on quadratec or similar sites but how's the quality? And did you have to fabricate brackets for them? Thanks guys!
1-11 of 12 Results