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  1. JK Tech Forum
    Hi, I'm looking for experiences/recommendations/warnings regarding aftermarket LED headlights. Any model that fits JK will do, here in Europe they would need to be E -approved, but whether or not yours are, drop a line or two here to let us know how they are. As we know, the standard halogens...
  2. JL Wrangler Technical Discussion
    This is my first ever posting. As background, after 30+ car-less years as Manhattanites, bride of 40+ years and I relocated to mid-Atlantic coast last month (hooray - back in the real world at last!). First order of business was ordering a Wrangler (our dream for several years). Sahara Altitude...
  3. JK Tech Forum
    I ordered a set of LED's online because one of my incandescent rear lights had burnt out. LEDs are better, rite? rite? So the lights are lovely actually. But they have the 'hyperflash' or fast-blinking problem (becaue the load from an LED bulb is much lower than an incandescent, and the...
  4. Wanted
    Let me know if anyone is selling. Thanks!
  5. JK General Discussion Forum
    Howdy y’all, I have some aftermarket halo LEDs I’m lookin to install, but had a wiring question. I see they give an option to wire DRL and turn signal with it, but I’m not sure if I even want them Would it hurt anything to leave those wires alone or is this required for installation?
  6. Classifieds Archive
    I bought these as backups for my 2017 Rubicon. My Rubicon had LED Lights. However, my ex-wife got my Rubicon in the divorce and I cant use them on my 2021 JL. I will ship Part numbers Right Headlamp-68366024AA Left Headlamp-68366025AA Foglamps-68307273ae I live in Marietta, GA and will ship...
  7. JK Tech Forum
    Hi ! I am trying to swap out the stock headlights on my 2016 Jeep Wrangler for the LED ones below. I've been told in Canada that the Daylight Driving Lights have to be on by law all the time - so installation in Canada is different from the USA. The lights work when they are turned on - so at...
  8. Classifieds Archive
    All of the following was in my 2016 JKU. I am also selling my Trucklight LED Headlights and Foglights, asking 250$ for all 4. Headlights are plug n play Hard top removing system, overhead mount, 100$ If you are interested in anything or want more pics, let me know. Thank you
  9. JK General Discussion Forum
    So i found a problem I didn’t even think could exist. So I upgraded to LED tail lights and only one side flickers. But its not because of the unit. To make sure both the tail lights work, I plugged the right side tail light into the left side to show that there is nothing wrong with the unit...
  10. YJ Tech Forum
    I have a 91 yj. I have replaced the dash lights with LED lights. (No problems). I replaced the cluster lights above the steering column (no problem). I replaced the rear trail lights to LED and added led flasher as well as added a second set of LED turn/brake lights at the top rear of the...
  11. TJ Tech Forum
    I just purchased a 2001 TJ for my wife. Have one already myself. I am thinking of headlights for her, but have never tried LED yet. Have read several threads and they are unquestionably better in performance. However, the question is how good are they in snow and ice as it does get snowy...
  12. JK Tech Forum
    I've had some Ralu RBG LED Halo headlights for a couple of years, and a couple days ago, one of the LED headlights stopped working, except for the ring light itself. I opened up the hood and started playing around with some of the connections I could reach and was able to get one of the LEDs to...
  13. JK Tech Forum
    Hi guys, recently bought a new bull bar from extreme terrain containing the raxiom led lighting switch. Nice for me as I’m comfortable installing most things on my Jeep but electrical always makes me look like a fool. Issue- which I’ve seen in many areas but no actual remedy— the switch button...
  14. Classifieds Archive
    Hello I am selling the following items from my 2018 JKU. Buyer can pickup (10990) or pay for shipping. Paypal a friend for payment. thanks! 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JKU Premium Twill Soft Top, black, Excellent condition- $700.00 Quadratec LED Fog Lights Kit for 07-20 Jeep Wrangler JK-...
  15. JL Wrangler Technical Discussion
    Hi, Need an advise. I purchased my JL Rubicon with bulb lights and upgraded to Stock Mopar LED at a dealership. They did a great job and reprogrammed my computer as well, so I dont get any error messages. But today I installed JL Highline LED DLR lights and turn signals and now every time, I...
  16. JL Wrangler General Discussion
    Hey guys, as I go looking for a JL, I found one that has every option I want except the LED Group. Can you retrofit the optional LEDs to a JL that came equipped with the halogen headlights? Yay/Nay? If Yay, any idea how difficult it would be...? Thanks in advance.
  17. Classifieds Archive
    Genesis Offroad Double Dually Light Brackets $50 Shipped - Like New!
  18. Classifieds Archive
    Rigid Industries Amber Flood Pods. Have wiring harness to hook up to sPod. $120 Shipped.
1-18 of 220 Results