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  1. TJ Tech Forum
    Hi all. I am new to the forum though I have had my 99 TJ since 2002. I noticed today that my light beneath the glove compartment will not turn off and I don't know when it came on. I did take the doors off the jeep yesterday for the summer and am wondering whether that could be the cause...
  2. JK Tech Forum
    Can someone post a photo of the internal lights of a Wrangler, preferentially a JKU 2014? I bought a new JKU 2014 Sport, all stock, one year ago. I started to have electrical problems, my AC is behaving strangly, my left marker light burned out, my left headlight burned out, and now I think I...
  3. General Jeep Discussion
    So i have a pair of the 100w halogen Apollo series driving lights and they work really well, i wouldn't trade them for anything (other than LED's). I was just wondering if anyone has ever put the 130w halogen bulbs in them and can it work like that. Im more worried if they will fit or not. the...
  4. TJ General Discussion Forum
    So I am a big fan of lights on jeeps, but I have some questions and need some help with other jeepers opinions. Front: -HIDS vs Halogen ---I want all the jeeps forward facing lights to be the same. SO is it worth it to convert the headlights, stock fogs, and my 6" 55 watt Eagle Eye Spot lights...
  5. YJ General Discussion Forum
    I want to change my interior bulbs and i saw that they're GE 89 bulbs and i can't find any LED replacements because i want to change the bulbs to green LED's is there anything i can do?
1-5 of 9 Results