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  1. LED flicker issue on my new tail lights

    JK General Discussion Forum
    So i found a problem I didn’t even think could exist. So I upgraded to LED tail lights and only one side flickers. But its not because of the unit. To make sure both the tail lights work, I plugged the right side tail light into the left side to show that there is nothing wrong with the unit...
  2. Turn Signal Not Working

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hello, I have a 00 2.5l 4cyl and I am having problems with the passenger side turn signal. The problem is that it will not blink but it will turn on if I have the headlights on. When the headlights are on the right turn signal indicator on the dashboard stays green as well. I have replaced...
  3. ORACLE LED Replacement Lights

    JL Wrangler General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I received some LED lights from ORACLE to try out and did an installation video. This is a nice headlight option and under $400. I will be putting out subsequent videos on fog lights, tail lights, and fender lights to offer an option for fully upgrading to LED from halogen on the...
  4. Light bar mount

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    I won a 52 inch curved lightbar from a raffle for my 01 tj. I need some help trying to find the proper mounting brackets for this. Thanks!
  5. Can't See Under the Hood?

    JK Tech Forum
    So I had a constant issue with one of my headlights where the light wouldn't go on unless the plug that connects the headlight to the jeep was in a certain position. Naturally, I had to constantly open the hood and move the plug and sometimes that would be at night where there is not much light...
  6. 02 TJ Dome Lights stay on after pulling door arrest fuse

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hello, I am having a problem where I pulled fuse #4 (door arrest) and my foot well lights and dome lights stay on. I think that it could be a short between the leads going into the fuse panel. Does anyone have any knowledge of this kind of problem and or have a picture of the back of the fuse...
  7. VIDEO: KC HiLites Cyclone Cyclops Work Light

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, Had a couple KC HiLites Cyclones kicking around, and a need for a work light - so I created this flexible remote controlled work light I call the Cyclops! pretty simple little thing, have a look at the video here. Maybe it'll inspire some thought on other applications...
  8. JK Light Bars?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I'm currently looking into getting a light bar for my 2017 4 door JK wrangler and everyone keeps advising me against it because of the noise it makes when driving. It would be useful when taking it on the beach at night and I like how it looks but I don't know how bad/annoying it will be to...
  9. EP26 flasher - ALMOST correct operation of new LEDs

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hey everyone, I apologize in advance if this has been discussed elsewhere. I recently replaced the tails on my 2006 LJ with LEDs. I did the same for the 3rd brake light and the front signals (not side markers). I replaced the stock relay with an EP26 LED flasher relay; and I have NEAR...
  10. Front Driver Side blinker/parking light issue

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hello, I have a 1997 jeep wrangler sport. I'm trying to figure out why the fuse is blowing from the front drivers side blinker/parking light. Okay, here is the problem. I have three wires that attach to the light socket. If two of them; the black one and green one are attached, the blinker works...
  11. New OEM LED Lights VS JW SPEAKER Video

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys i recently removed the stock led headlights and foglights from my 2017 Rubicon Hard Rock and installed the latest JW Speaker lights. I made a comparison video between the two for anyone who was curious.
  12. Light bar rattle

    JK Tech Forum
    Hey guys. Ive got a bad rattling coming from a 51 inch light bar. Ive read everything online i can and tried to fix it every way i can to no avail. Mostly i just hear about a whistling. This is a distinct rattle though. Honestly it sounds like there is a loose part on the passenger side, and as...
  13. 2010 Rubicon coming soon

    JK Tech Forum
    Hey fellas, New member but looking for some advise. Ive got a 2010 Rubicon waiting for me when i graduate college. So...where to start. Well I'm a car guy and flip/work/swap parts and make money off them on the side. My question is a two part and has two different categories. 1. I want to...
  14. DV8 Beadlock Wheels $275

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Be sure to check out the price reductions on our website for our DV8 Beadlock Wheels, which have been tried and tested in the toughest of environments. Yes they are made of aluminum, and yes they are extremely durable. Rated as an 8 lug wheel, and constructed of 356 T-6 Aluminum these wheels...
  15. High beam indicator flashing???

    TJ Tech Forum
    First of all, I have a Canadian model which used to have daytime running lights. NOW, the DRL quit working and when I turn on the high beams the indicator on the dash flashes on and off. It is very annoying. Any ideas??? Thanks!
  16. Above the windshield lighting

    Off Road and External Lighting
    Hey all! Want to add limb risers to my Jeep but want to connect them to a light bracket up above my windshield instead of drilling into my door. Lights will come later but for now I need to decide what kind of lights I want as it will affect the type of rack/bracket I get. Looks, function and...
  17. Light bar bracket

    Classifieds Archive
    Looking for either led light bar brackets or a light rack(for like KCs up above the windshield). Either in Indiana or Chicago area. Thanks
  18. Decisions, decisions...

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Next up on my never ending list is limb risers. I do not want to drill into my door surrounds so I'm looking to get a light rack so that I can connect the wire onto the light rack. Now lights are going to be one of the last things on my list, but depending on the type of light I want determines...
  19. KC Pro-Sport too big to mount to windshield?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I just bought a pair of KC 6" Pro-Sport Gravity LED lights for my 2014 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. Its my first addition to my Jeep so naturally im crazy excited to get these on. i bought the KC light brackets of the jk models but on install realized the light mounts too close to the windshield, the...
  20. back up lights

    YJ Tech Forum
    I have a 93 yj and the back up lights don't work. when I bought it the wire was cut so I went online and found it was the purple wire with the black stripe, put the two ends together and they worked. yesterday I put on some extra back up lights. cut the purple wire and added the back up lights...