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  1. Mount For Relay/fuse Box

    No tools needed mount for DIY Cooper Bussman Relay/Fuse lighting relay box. 90 degree alumium plate with slotted screw holes
  2. Home Built Lighting Relay Box

    Tefzel coated hi temp mil spec aviation wire
  3. Home Built Lighting Relay Box

    Cooper Bussmann 15303-2-2-4 Mini Fuse Panel, 5 Micro Relays:
  4. JK Technical Discussion
    I want to install some lights, either couple of JC 6" lights on the windshield using side brackets and LED lights on the bumper (Rubi Hardrock) using the maximus mounting brackets. thge install seems very straightforward, but when I open the hood I see very little room for neat wiring and cannot...
  5. TJ General Discussion
    Planning on doing interior led strips and would like to see if anyone has and how they wired it and where they put it because there is no real good spot that I found. Also planning to put some on exterior!
  6. TJ Technical Discussion
    i have some lights that i added and as off right now i just have them on separate switches and relays all over my dash like a mess. i am making a switch panel for all of my lights and adding a weather proof box to store all my relays under the hood really neat. the problem i have run into is...
  7. TJ Technical Discussion
    I am looking into getting a set of HID lights for my jeep and I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not I would have to replace the whole casing or just the bulb. If anyone also has any suggestions on what I should get, I am very willing to check them out.
  8. JK General Discussion
    Hi folks, Fairly noobish here, so this could be a dumb question. I've searched the forum for answers but can't seem to find any. I've been looking into replacing some lighting on the Jeep to LED bulbs. The trouble is, I don't know much about how that will work. I get that they draw less...
  9. Classifieds Archive
    I have 5 narva 100/90 W P43T base bulbs. they are brand new. They cost $20 each. I'm selling for $10 each. I sold my jeep so I have no use for these.
  10. TJ General Discussion
    Setting up my first jeep and working on the lighting configuration switch panels..I like the spod set up. Seems like it's worth the cost.... Welcome to suggestions and recommendations..
  11. JK Technical Discussion
    Has anyone used this lighting kit? (mopar # 82212347) Looks nice but can't justify the price. I saw the install instructions on line and looks easy. I'm sure I could get the same lights for just a few bucks. Wonder if anyone has used this kit or has tried other type of lights.
  12. JK Technical Discussion
    I just installed the h13 lifetime led lights. Install was the same as regular bulbs. Only differance is a small black box it has connects to the bulb and the h13 connector. I used double sided 3m tape to mount them out of the way but there are 2 small holes on the box for mounting. I would have...
  13. Off Road and External Lighting
    Hi there.. New to this site. I was wondering if someone wouldn't mind helping me solve a problem I have been researching for days. I purchased a 50" Dual row LED Light bar for my 2012 Sahara Unlimited. I want to mount this light to my roof, right above the windshield. However, I DO NOT like...
  14. Off Road and External Lighting
    Took the jeep out for a photo shoot a few weeks back. BBL 20" SRX and 12" DRX. Light output from those as well as a set of their 3" RX2's. These lights are amazing!
  15. JK Pics Forum
    I'm looking at purchasing either the IPCW LED tail lights or the ebay knockoff version of the Recon Tail lights. Anyone using either of these that can give me some info and perhaps post a picture (preferably in black/smoked) would be appreciated.
  16. Rostra 260-1024-jeep Wrangler Led

    LED lighting system for 2007-2014 Jeep Wrangler JK
  17. Rostra 260-1024-jeep

    LED Daytime Running Light system for 2007-2014 JK Wrangler
41-58 of 84 Results