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  1. TJ General Discussion
    I'm looking for a light bar for above my windshield. I've done a lot of research on the different styles, but everything seems way too expensive. I have access to every tool imaginable at my shop job, but I need an idea for a design. Can anyone post some pics of theirs? I'm too cheap to buy a...
  2. TJ General Discussion
    I have a 2005 TJ Sport to which I sold the hardtop for. Anyone have any wiring advise for running a set of aux lights on the rear bumper through the old wiring harness?
  3. General Jeep Discussion
    Hey y'all. I'm looking into finally purchasing a lightbar for my '97 Wrangler. My question is what some of you all thought about the Carr RotaBar. It seems like a good idea, particularly if it saves some gas mileage with the price at the pump pushing $3, but how difficult is it to actually fold...
  4. YJ General Discussion
    88' Wrangler Laredo and the speedometer light doesn't work. Tacometer light works but once in awhile that goes off and on randomnly. Took dashboard apart to fix but spedometer is in enclosed metal casing. Dont want to break anything... advice...
81-84 of 84 Results