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  1. Recommendations for a relay light panel?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I can get lost in Amazon listings for aftermarket light panels. Ya'll know what you're talking about... I have a 50" light bar and I'm hoping to put on fog lights, and need a relay panel to drive them. This guy looks pretty normal and your standard Right Out Of Autozone, but I mean, it's a...
  2. Weird issue with reverse lights

    TJ Tech Forum
    I'm trying to get all my lamps working to get my 97 TJ (2.5L / manual) back on the road. I was checking the reverse lights, and they didn't come on. "No problem," I thought. "I'll just check the fuse and replace the bulbs and I'll be good to go!" Fuse is good. Replaced one bulb and gave it a...
  3. Switchback LED turn signals for TJ

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hey everyone, this is my first post here after years of lurking. I recently bought clear lenses for my Jeep and I want to put switchback LED bulbs in them. I really like the ones on the JLs and want to have a similar look in that sense. I've found the ones on Diode Dynamics but they seem pricy...
  4. Wiring & Install Notes

    Wiring & Install Notes

    wiring diagram for front and rear lights and TadiBrothers Jeep and R-Pod Trailer rear and side camera system in a Rough Country pillar switch column.
  5. Light Bar Recommendations

    Off Road and External Lighting
    Hey Y'all, I'm looking into getting an upper light bar for the Wrangler, and potentially a lower light bar or round lights. Then obviously I'll need a light bar switch. There are so many options out there that I'm hoping someone can recommend a product or brand for me to consider :) I found...
  6. Interior lights, driver door window, radio... help

    JK Tech Forum
    Hello, I have a 2014 JK and I recently ran into the problem that I cannot control my interior lights from the stick on the driving column. I can turn on my headlights, but the rotating switch won't let me adjust brightness and my gauge lights stay at max. Beyond this, I get surges of...
  7. New York JKU Stock Exhaust & JK Spiderwebshade

    Classifieds Archive
    Hey All, I have for Sale: JKU (4 door) Stock exhaust taken off at 12k miles. $50 obo. JK (2 door) Spiderwebshade black used for 2 seasons. $25 local pick up. Would be open to ship at buyer's expense. Located on Long Island, NY. I also have stock halogen headlights, tail lights, fog lights...
  8. Headlight/Tail Lights glitch.

    JK Tech Forum
    2007 JK X 2dr I just installed LED tail lights earlier today, and everything (headlights, tail lights, turn signals) was working when I finished the install. I took it for a short drive, and from what I could tell, everything was working. Later on, I went to go see what my lights looked...
  9. KC Light bar

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I'm trying to find a good light bar for my Wrangler. I am a fan of the classic look trying to fit 4 KC slims across the top although the only bars I can find that I am interested in fit five lights and would look odd with the random spacing due to the extra slot. Any ideas? This is also my...
  10. Turn Signals SNAFU

    TJ Tech Forum
    My turn signals aren't working. 2003 Sport with a 4.0L Bulbs, relay, and switch are all new. When I press the brake pedal the signal will light steady. Only the rear ones though. Winner gets a free shirt.
  11. Lights malfunctioning

    JK Tech Forum
    2015 Wrangler Unlimited, a few things are going on with my lights. The first two items happened about 10,000 miles ago and then went away, now it's back and my main lights are also affected. 1. Fog Lights: The fog lights decide to turn on/off by themselves. If they turn "on" (by themselves)...
  12. Search and Rescue Light Bar and Ski Rack

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I am the vehicle manager with the Western Mountain Rescue Team based in Gunnison, Colorado. We have recently acquired a 2014 Jeep Wrangler sport and are in the process of turning it into a fully capable rescue vehicle. One of the big challenges I am running into is finding a way to mount a ski...
  13. Best non halo headlights

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I’ve been looking to upgrade my lights because they are stock and useless. I don’t like the look of the halos though. Does anyone have any reccomendations that aren’t halos?
  14. Electrical Power Issues

    JK Tech Forum
    After a regear to 4.88 I did back in July to my 2012 Jeep JK I have started experiencing an issue when driving at highway speeds for 2+ hours. After a long period of driving I will hear a chime from the instrument cluster and all of the gauges will turn off for a second and all of the warning...
  15. Lights and bells from dashboard, and jumpy speedo... HELP!

    JK Tech Forum
    Jeep has been doing this for a while... every episode lasts about 2 seconds... sometimes less... and it happens 2-3 times a week max. But today it went for about 10 seconds and happened twice in less than a minute. Today it has happened at least 6 times... different speeds and I can't think of...
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  17. Running board lights

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Am interested to see if anyone has put lights under their running boards? Please add pics if you can. Am thinking about adding some to mine. Wondering if you have put any directly under your running boards or done them more like rock lights. Thanks, Brian
  18. Electrical gremlins

    TJ Tech Forum
    Looking for some veteran knowledge on fixing a newly arisen electrical issue in my 2005 LJ. I was driving down the road when I got a particularly violent death wobble which actually was bad enough I had to reconnect my battery terminals. After getting that back together and tightening the...
  19. JL headlight upgrades

    JL Wrangler Technical Discussion
    Hey all, I just bought my first Wrangler. (love it so far) I bought mine off the lot, so it didn't have the full list of features I was looking for... I fell in love with it though, so I bought it anyway. One of the first things I am hoping to upgrade are the head lamps. I understand the...
  20. LED Fog Lights recommendations?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    First of all new to the forums and so far its been a wealth of information on a lot of stuff i want to do to my new 2018 Willy's. But anyways, Looking at getting into the LED lights, i've decided on ProComp Headlights, but wasn't sure what choice to go with for the foglights. This is my first...