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  1. TJ Technical Discussion
    Newbie here but not to Jeeps. Looking hard at 2 TJ Unlimited Rubicon. 1 with 6spd, one with 42RLE. I am new to the 4spd auto in this iteration and have the AX4 in my XJ. Both are low mile units and appear to be very clean, prices are close with no negotiations yet. The 42RLE has been...
  2. TJ General Discussion
    I have an 06 LJ with JK rims. I’m wondering if the MORryde tailgate kit will work with the spare tire carrier from a JK. I have a spacer/adapter now on my stock carrier but I don’t like how far it pushes the spare out. I’d like to just get a JK carriers and get rid of the extra spacing. Anyone...
  3. TJ Technical Discussion
    Ive read several posts on this and have even posted the question my self on this forum, but sales people argue with me giving me doubt and i would just like some reassurance before i finally schedule my regear... 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4.0l Engine, 42RLE automatic transmission, D30 front...
  4. TJ General Discussion
    I have a 2006 stock LJ. Looking to add a 2.5 inch lift and level out front and rear. I understand that OME springs and Rancho shocks are the ideal. What part numbers am I looking for? Both shocks and springs front and rear.
  5. Classifieds Archive
    Clean, well maintained LJ that has been converted to a halfcab pickup by Rubitrux of Boone, NC. It's been in my family for the last few years, used a runaround rig. 110,XXX miles. 4.0L with the auto. The motor is super strong and the trans shifts smooth. Trans did undergo a rebuild approximately...
  6. JL Rubicon 392
    Should I get rid of my old 06' LJ Rubitrux to buy the 392 JL. You can't beat the sound of that Hemi and I wouldn't mind having some modern amenities, but its a little vanilla compared to the Rubitrux. A Lamborghini Countach doesn't turn as many heads. Thoughts?
  7. General Jeep Discussion
    On behalf of all JK, JL, and JT drivers, I just want to thank you guys for accepting us into the Jeep community. It always feels good to get a nice wave back from an older jeep.(y)
  8. TJ Technical Discussion
    Does this mean what I think it means, Suffering and ample curse words About blowing apart the whole dash ahead? All help is appreciated fellers! 🤘🏼
  9. Classifieds Archive
    Looking to sell my LJ Wrangler the holy grail of TJ models. It has 152k but at 151 had tons of parts replaced in the engine. It has a lot of aftermarket parts like bumpers and cage. Asking 15k
  10. Rubi

  11. Shotgun Willie

  12. My First Jeep

    2006 Jeep Wrangler LJ... Day 1 of ownership. Very happy.
  13. My First Jeep

    First time taking off road but not too risky.
  14. My First Jeep

    Snow was easy to drive in.
  15. Lj Wranger

    My Jeep so far. I've replaced the top and put side steps on it. More to come.
  16. 2004 Wrangler Unlimited At Night

    Waiting for the crack of dawn...
1-19 of 28 Results