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long arm
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  1. Rancho Suspension
    Do you even flex bro!?!?! A CTI (corner travel index) ramp and a RTI (ramp travel index) ramp are both great ways to flex out your rig and see where you can improve your flex and get the most out of it. We were able to get onto a pretty well known CTI ramp and see just where our short arm...
  2. Rancho Suspension
    Here is our latest install of our 4" Long Arm CRAWLER system on a JKU. This is the system I have and the ride both on and off-road is really nice. Enjoy!
  3. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, I'm about to put a long arm lift on my jeep and I was wondering what the differences (besides the inch of lift) I would notice from going 5 inch instead of 4. drive characteristics? wheel travel? I understand I could run 37s with 5", would that make the wheels harder to balance? Its...
  4. Rancho Suspension
    We have updated our long arm system to include the following new items: Progressive coil springs front and rear. These have a great ride both on and off-road. New front and rear trackbars using our D2 bushings, for grease free operation. New control arms using our D2 bushings, these bushing...
  5. JK General Discussion Forum
    Did a quick search and didn't get any hits on this. Is anyone running this kit on a JKUR? If so, any feedback on it of things you like/dislike about it? Also trying to decipher their shock options, they show two different 2.5" Factory options (Option 1 - Fox Factory Series 2.5" Remote...
  6. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Right now I'm running a 2" spacer lift on my TJ with 31" tires. No real complaints with my setup, save the weight of my front bumper and winch are making the front end sag a little. I'm ordering a rear bumper and tire carrier soon, and expect that will make the rear sag a little as well...
  7. TJ Tech Forum
    hey forum, and merry christmas :) my original plan was to do a 2sl and a 2 BL but then after doing some researching i found it can become more expensive than doing a 3:1 or even a 4sl after having to buy separate shocks and springs to match the added size because of the spacers yadayadayada. SO...
  8. JK Tech Forum
    Hello everyone - Started this install over the weekend, thought I would document it. I will be updating my post as the rear finishes up and we start the fronts. Scott
  9. TJ Build Forum
    So as I update this I will copy paste the exact updated from Jeep forum onto here as well. So I will start my build thread on here... incoming dump of pictures from the start of this LJ's career with me! Here we go folks, please keep all hands and feet inside your chair at all times, and enjoy...
  10. JK General Discussion Forum
    I'm trying to figure out where to purchase some prefabricated skid-plates for my 09 JKU with a rubicon long-arm lift. This is posing to be a problem. Thanks in advance! M
  11. Classifieds Archive
    Im purchasing a dana 44 for my front and a ford 9inch for the rear come with 488 and detroit lockers i want to upgrade from my rancho 3-4inch rock crawler lift to a long arm 5.5 inches or more any info would help I DO LIKE THE RUSTYS CANT GO WRONG THERE ALMOST EVERYTHING ON MY JEEP CAME FROM...
  12. JK General Discussion Forum
    Alright, before I get started, I've searched for this, however, it's an odd enough setup I haven't found anything. (Which also may be my first clue...) I'm definitely going with the AEV 4.5 inch system. AEV Conversions N0244110AA - AEV 4.5" DualSport RS Suspension System with Bilstein 5160...
  13. TJ General Discussion Forum
    got my long arm conversion install underway. got a problem: one of the smaller "x-flex joints" threads are messed up to a point that i cant get a nut more than a 1/2 inch on it. i contacted JCW for a replacement, and just found out that the part will be in....wait for it....NEXT Thursday. and...
  14. TJ General Discussion Forum
    wanted to know who makes a decent front/rear track bar for a 6in lift. heard about certain types hitting the diff covers etc. so wanted to get some advice. will be running a LA soon so that will factor in as well.
  15. TJ General Discussion Forum
    so i like the idea of upgrading my current lift to the rough country long arm kit. OR buying the full long arm kit. gotta couple questions: 1. are the shocks decent for the full kit, or should i get the upgrade and buy other shocks? 2. are the track bars decent..... 3. are the coils decent...
  16. TJ General Discussion Forum
    so my friend texted me just now and was interested in purchasing my skyjacker lift kit (4") off of me when i upgrade to LA. whats a decent price for it? i got it for $550ish in september
1-16 of 23 Results