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  1. Classifieds Archive- move sold/expired ads here
    The real deal. Got them from a decommissioned J8 in Africa, there are some rusty spots but nothing that a good sandblasting and powder coating can't fix. Located in Calgary, shipping will most likely be high but we'll work it out. Last pictures are "Serving Suggestion"... Shackles not for sale...
    $300 USD
  2. Military Jeep Build Forum
    I have been modifying my 2016 Jeep Wrangler JK Sport S since my retirement from the US Navy (also served in the Army). The modifications pay tribute to the generations of veterans from WWII to the current conflicts that have faithfully served the nation. I attemped to do this by using bits and...
  3. Military Jeep General Discussion
    Four years ago our neighbor moved to somewhere on the Washington/Canadian border. Without our knowlege he left a very old military vehicle on the back portion of our property. Initially he contacted us and said he was going to have it picked up and shipped to him. We never heard from him...
  4. Classifieds Archive- move sold/expired ads here
    Great condition, front would be bolt on on a JK, rear would need a couple of simple T brackets. 100% Original, have Mopar part # stamped. Got them from a decommissioned JK from middle east. Some peeling but no bends.
  5. Military Jeep General Discussion
    So I saw a Trailor while parking at my usual fishing spot. And I can't for the life of me find out what it's called, or how to start seeking one. I took some picture, and am hoping someone will be able to help identify it, or at least provide some resources for how I may find one. Thank you, I...
  6. JK General Discussion
    Hey guys, I am going to make a post about eventually asking about lifts and for some advice, but FIRST I wanted to see if anyone knows of any vendors that offer military discounts? I want to add a suspension lift and 35"s to my 2016 JKUWW, and while I am compiling my list of possibilities, it...
  7. JK General Discussion
    Purchased this 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sport new last August and after a long 6 month rebuild it's now transformed into a tribute to Willys. Soft Top is a power top from MyTop installed in the manufacturers facility in Wixam, Michigan. Tires are military spec.
  8. JK General Discussion
    In Jeep’s 75th anniversary year, a North Carolina defense contractor is working on a project that could put the iconic vehicle back on the battlefield. The U.S. Army wants to find an inexpensive, lightweight, unarmored vehicle that could be flown into remote locations and used to ferry troops...
  9. My Jeep

    Most recent version as of October 9 of my JK J8 Storm 3 attempt.
  10. My Jeep

    Most recent version as of October 9 of my JK J8 Storm 3 attempt.
  11. Military Jeep Pics Forum
    Alright guys, if you're in the military lets see your jeeps!
  12. Builder's Corner
    So I had gone the 4 Door Jk route in late 2010 and loved my jeep. However, I was beginning to grow tired of seeing every soccer-mom on the road driving a lifted JK on 35s. Here is a picture of my mall crawler... I now had a decision to make...lift the JK more and upgrade the driveline or go...
  13. Military Jeep Build Forum
    Eugene the Jeep To begin with, I want to go on record saying that I am by no means an expert on Military Jeep restoration. I have done many hours of research (the internet is a wonderful thing) this thread is not a tutorial, I just want to pass on what I have done and learned. For more...
  14. Military Jeep General Discussion
    Does anyone have any experience with the the Gillespie Coatings,Inc Military paint? I'm repainting my YJ with the 30118 Field Drab and want to know what primer, if any, to use over the old paint. The old paint is a bright blue so I don't want to have it show through the new color. Any help is...
  15. Military Jeep Pics Forum
    There are forum threads of military themed Jeeps of the various models but I'm hoping to pull them all together in one spot. This way people's great ideas aren't restricted to a single model Wrangler.
1-15 of 27 Results