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  1. TJ General Discussion
    I put the Misch Big Boy brackets in my TJ today. WOW! Should have been my first add on! I'm 6'2" and was pretty comfortable in my TJ with the stock seat position. But for longer drives and with no cruise control I would find my right foot getting cramped. Plus later this year I am...
  2. TJ General Discussion
    So I got myself a set of the Misch 4x4 Products full door arm rests a little while ago and thought I'd do a quick little review to let everyone know what I think about them. Basically, I think they are awesome. Driving is so much nicer not having to rest my arm way up high on the top of the...
  3. JK General Discussion
    As on their site, they state the brackets will not work for 2-door models from 2011 and up... Misch 4x4 Products - Misch's BigBoy Brackets for Jeep So I emailed them to ask. They said that it's a totally different bracket, and they will keep my name on file to potentially create this new...
  4. Classifieds Archive
    Bought these last week for the Jeep... 2002 Wrangler Model # JATJ150 On a total of 2 days... I like them, but my wife doesn't care for them... (she wins on this one) :banghead: $45.00 + shipping PP (sent personal or add 4% to cover PP fees) MO
1-4 of 4 Results