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  1. TJ General Discussion
    I have a 2001 Jeep Wrangler that I bought to drive my 2 boys (3 & 6yrs) around and they love it. We have their car seats in the back but I am wondering if there is anything I could do to make it more safe in case of a worst case scenario (also to make the wife feel better). We live in a small...
  2. TJ General Discussion
    Hello!! I have a stock 2004 Wrangler X TJ. I am wondering what the first things I should do to it are? I don't mean like lift and wheels and tires; I have already posted to get guidance on those. I mean like all of the other things that go into making a jeep a real jeep. What are the things...
  3. TJ Technical Discussion
    I have a 98 TJ with approximately 130,000 miles. Recently - within the past three months - the Jeep has developed a hard start. Here are the issues: 1. Engine catching and ignition takes no less than 2 turns of the key 2. Once started, engine has rough idle with hesitation and vibration for...
1-3 of 3 Results