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  1. JK General Discussion Forum
    "Combat Crawlers", an all military-veteran off-roading group running Sidewinder Trail in Corral Canyon - All JKs".. They use Jeeping as therapy to help them cope with PTSD..
  2. California Jeep Forum
    Complete video guide of Berdoo Canyon Rd trail from Dillon Rd in Indio to Squaw Tank in Joshua Tree National Park. Free .GPX file download, no sign-up required, at the website:
  3. On The Trail
    Video filmed on Clawhammer at "The Hammers", Johnson Valley California.
  4. JK Pics Forum
    They grow up so fast! Post your "before" and "after" pics!
  5. California Jeep Forum
    In this short (6 min) video we show you where to find some of the interesting spots to explore in the Red Cloud Mine area, including exact GPS coordinates. Red Cloud mine is in the Chuckwalla Hills not far from Desert Center off of Interstate 10. There are 20-30 abandoned mines in this area...
  6. California Jeep Forum
    Want to stay as far away from TDS as humanly possible? If so, join us for the 2018 NotaTDS event at the JackRabbit Trail near Victorville on Saturday March 3. This is an 'easy' fun-run suitable for any jeep or 4x4 vehicle. Meeting in Victorville at 10AM and should be finishing around dark. For...
  7. General Jeep Discussion
    This is what it means to us:
  8. California Jeep Forum
    FULL, "end to end" review of the John Bull black diamond trail in Big Bear so YOU can decide if you think your Jeep can do it or not (spoiler: it probably CAN!)
  9. General Jeep Discussion
    Filmed all over Southern California ..
  10. California Jeep Forum
    We are leading a beginner's run up Cleghorn on Sunday Aug 27 - all beginners and all 4WD vehicles are welcome. All of the difficult spots on the trail will be optional - you can try them or you can stay on the fire-road and watch. For details see...
  11. California Jeep Forum
    Video of our run through John Bull last weekend.
  12. Trail Pics
    Video from Mottino Wash between Johnson Valley and Big Bear California.
  13. JK Pics Forum
    Some video from our recent run at Cougar Buttes in Johnson Valley. This is the first video, "the test run" of a new series of videos we will be putting out over the next several months and we're looking for feedback on the quality & whether or not you find it entertaining/watchable...
  14. California Jeep Forum
    Some video from our April Fools Run up Goler Gulch, through Mesquite Canyon, and out Last Chance Canyon. Last Chance Canyon has really changed since we ran it last - seems the rains moved the rocks around a bit. This was a small group of 7 Jeeps plus a Nissan eXterra, which only slowed us...
  15. Member Sites
    I've been a member here for almost 3 years and i just NOW stumbled across this section! Anyway, on our YouTube channel we do some fun/entertaining Jeeping/Off-roading videos and the occasional product review/info video. Most of our off-road videos have a very unique "look/feel/sound" - most...
  16. California Jeep Forum
    Sunday March 12 we will be leading a beginner's run through Red Canyon Jeep Trail down to the abandoned Eagle Mountain Railroad bridge on The Bradshaw Trail. This is an easy run on mostly dirt road with some sandy areas, a couple of big bumps/ruts in the road and a few steep hills (up and down)...
  17. California Jeep Forum
    Since almost the day I got my Jeep i've wanted to run the Bradshaw Trail. I've done the first 20 miles or so of it, but never the entire run. After waiting 2 years for a run I decided, fug it! I'll lead the run! You can see all the details and info on the Facebook event page here: Bradshaw...
  18. California Jeep Forum
    [UPDATED!] Jan 21 Berdoo Cnyon & Joshua Tree **THIS RUN HAS BEEN UPDATED - NEW ROUTE, NEW MEETUP TIME AND NEW MEETUP LOCATION*** Please read the updated information January 21 2017 we will be leading a beginners run through the Old Dale Mining District, starting and ending on Highway 62 in...
1-18 of 26 Results