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  1. JL Technical Discussion
    Hi all, New to Jeep and off-roading. I purchased a 2022 JLUR with the XR package, I'm a little confused on if my rig comes with Beadlock wheels or not. Spec sheet says "Beadlock-capable", does this mean the rims are Beadlock rims? Also, on a side note, I'm planning on going to Pismo with my rig...
  2. JL General Discussion
    this post is about my first jeep experience and seeking expert advice on some areas. i am so excited to announce, i am a proud owner of my first jeep. 2022 rubicon 2dr 3.6l v6 manual 6 speed 4.88 rear axle ratio 3 piece hard top sarge green, 33" (almost all features added, steel bumpers...
  3. Classifieds Archive
    Got a 91 Jeep YJ up for sale. It's a 4.0 in line six. Manual transmission. New soft top, new tires, new heater core. Just serviced the rear diff. Nothing wrong with the jeep. Drives great, 4x4 engages just fine. Has a rough country lift with the quick release shackles for that extra flex.
    $6,000 USD
  4. General Jeep Discussion
    Hi, I have a 14-28 degree upward slope on my property leading to a summit where I want to build a workshop. I understand that maximum safe pitch, roll, and yaw all depend on center of gravity... So I assume that the "normal" recommendations at to slope are not so normal if I have a few hundred...
  5. IMG_5739.JPG

    2005 Wrangler TJ Unlimited (LJ)
  6. TJ General Discussion
    I was looking at an FJ80 for the longest time for my first car and I really like all of its features + style. I also looked at a Jeep TJ mainly because you can make it a convertible and taking the doors off, which can be a lot of fun, and because it is lighter offroad. I know this is a Jeep...
  7. JT Gladiator Pics And Vids Forum
    WARNING: This video may cause you to cringe. If you don't want to see and hear a brand new Gladiator acquire some fresh battle wounds, don't watch this video. Once again, we took our brand new, 2020 Jeep Gladiator JT Rubicon out to test it out and see how capable it is off road. This time, we...
  8. JK General Discussion
    Anyone here live in SC/NC and know some trails or parks that are still open through the winter? I just picked up another Jeep and want to take them out wheeling soon.
  9. JK General Discussion
    Looking for suggestions on Jeep events that I should add to my list for 2019. My family and I have attended the Gateway to the Cumberland Jeep Jamboree in 2018, went to the Silver Lake Jeep Invasion in 2018, and went to the Jeep the Mac in both 2017 and 2018. All great events, and want to plan...
  10. Ohio Jeep Forum
    Hey ya'll, So a group of us Jeep girls are looking to do a photoshoot of us and our Jeeps and put together a calendar that we'll sell, with proceeds going to charity. BUT - we need help finding locations where we can have our photoshoot. We're looking to stay around the Cleveland area - some...
  11. TJ General Discussion
    I love to take my jeep through mud and water with the top off. But it's a pain to clean the dash and I'm always afraid to get too much mud on it. I am looking for any tips for sealing the dash as best as possible so I don't have to worry about anything when mudding without the doors and the...
  12. JK General Discussion
    So I did it. I bought a Wrangler and I love it. It's a 2017 Big Bear edition Wrangler Unlimited. I use my wrangler for a lot of things. I've got a big family so the extra room was a must. I'm looking for suggestions on mods, lift types, etc. I'm new to this. I tried to do research and found...
  13. JK Pics Forum
    Does anyone have a snorkel that works with the KC light bar pictured below? FYI, I can't run the RR Exped. snorkel due to a dual battery setup.
  14. JK General Discussion
    How loud are 35" Toyo Open Country M/T or Nitto trail grapps inside a jeep? normally i do not care about tire noise but i have never heard mud tires while riding in a jeep and im worried they are going to be ridiculous. thanks in advance
  15. New York Jeep Forum
    Anyone know of [legal] trails to bring some Jeeps somewhat near the NY/CT border? Have a few jeeps that are looking to get off pavement Sunday
  16. JK General Discussion
    Looking for input: still winter at home here in Colorado, but road-tripping out to Death Valley next week for the trails. Currently have set of Blizzak-DM-V2s on. Should I swap back to "regular" for this trip (which would require me to put snow tires BACK on again for a second swap upon return)...
  17. Trail Pics
    500 miles in 3 days. Trails, sightseeing, camping, and more trails...
1-17 of 100 Results