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  1. Member Sites
    We're thinking of putting fender flares & arb air lockers on our 2021 jeep Turbo eco diesel, it has so much power already but I think these upgrades would make us unbeatable. Here's what we're like off the lot & what it's capable of now:
  2. Trail Pics
    This was my second time at Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area - aka AOAA. I love it! It's similar to Rausch Creek (Which is also a great spot!), but it's larger. AOAA allows dirtbikes, UTV's, and ATV's, as well as Jeeps and full size vehicles. On this trip, we took some greens to some blue...
  3. General Jeep Discussion
    Guys, Its my first Offroading trip, and wanna capture the desert with my Drone, any tips on where to get amazing ariel view?
  4. California Jeep Forum
    Guys, am new to Jeeps , i bought a Sahara JL recently and am loving it, i have stock 33s , i never used 4H gear before, suggest some easy trails ( beach or woods ) i dont wanna go aggressive, just baby steps please.
  5. Jeep Pictures & More
    We hold a Jeeps and Java event one Sunday a month from March until December. These events are usually held at our HQ in the Philly suburb of West Chester, PA. For October and November, we decided to change things up a bit and relocate to Spruce Grove Tree Farm: This was the info posted...
  6. JK General Discussion
    No road, no problem some clips of Jeep Off Road Extreme Jeep Wrangler Off-Road, let me know what do you think?
  7. Land Use Forum
    Hey everyone! Thinking about taking my JK out to Matagorda next weekend (July 16th) to drive along the shoreline. I've never been out that way, but my parents have, but since they're hitting the trails in CO, it's hard to get information right now. Tl;dr - is there anything I need to know about...
  8. General Jeep Discussion
    trying to find somewhere to go jeeping in the raleigh 27614/27613 area. there is a spot out by brier creek but its a little too far to only have as one spot. anybody know anywhere else?
  9. General Jeep Discussion
    new user here :pc-ouch: i've recently begun mudding and trailing, and im curious as to whats in peoples "must have" kits for offroading, such as towels, extra boots, air pump, etc. whats in yours?
  10. JK General Discussion
    Hello everyone! im an international student living in San Diego and this is my first post, however ive been reading hundreds off the forum in the past 7 months. im working on my 2010 2dr sport wrangler which is my first car (Daily college Driver), and i am a complete newbie when it comes to...
  11. On The Trail
    Hi guys, I am new to the site and the jeep world. I am in south florida and recently purchased a wrangler and have given it to fortec in fort lauderdale to work on. when I get it back I would love to go offroading. Where I live there isn't even a dirt road to have fun on. I'd love to hear from...
  12. TJ General Discussion
    Every time I go out riding I find something that I just don't quite like and I mod it to better suit my needs. I want to hear some of the things you guys have been frustrated with and wanted to change. The whole purpose of this thread is to just work out those little things (or possibly big) to...
  13. Maine Jeep Forum
    I'm new to the whole Jeep community. I'm in the process of upgrading and rebuilding my 98 TJ even as we speak lol.... I was wondering if anyone knew about any trails, or clubs in or around Northern Maine....
  14. JK General Discussion
    hey Im new to the wheeling world. Ive taken my jeep crawling a little bit. also Ive taken mudding and was curious if wheeling without the doors on would matter if i went into deeper water? i understand the water will come into the jeep im not worried about that. i guess a better question would...
  15. TJ General Discussion
    Hi Gang! Lets have a little fun here and have a video contest! Just post your Jeep/Offroading/Wheeling/Mudding/Amazing/Fun videos to this thread! Theres no prize or even a real winner here but Im sure this will rack up the views on your youtube account! Post as many videos as you like! This...
  16. Illinois Jeep Forum
    I have had a 2012 Sport for 8 Months and the most dirt I get on it is driving through a puddle on the road. I am looking for place close to Bloomington, IL to get in the dirt and mud and have some fun!
  17. JK General Discussion
    How important is a Hi-Lift jack While off-roading????
1-17 of 24 Results