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  1. Which backspacing and offset for Jeep JK sport with stock suspension?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, just wanted to get your opinion. I'm putting some 285/70/17s' on a stock suspension JK sport. The wheels i'm looking at (17x8.5) come in different offsets. +10mm (5.14" bs) or -10mm (4.36" bs). Which offset would be best? Thoughts? I don't offroad too much, it's a DD, and I wouldn't...
  2. Tire & Wheel Help

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hello, got a 2015 Sahara Unlimited thinking of getting new wheels & tires for it. I've thought about 35s (35x12.5x17) with 17x9 offset of -12 wheels 4.5 backspace. Also plan on getting a 2.5 lift. Will this combo work? Also if anybody has any pictures of this combination, I would like to see...
  3. 2015 Sahara Help

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hello, I recently got a 2015 JK Sahara Unlimited, I want to buy new wheels & tires. I've decided on 35s & 17x9 for wheel size. HOWEVER I'm new to this and just simply dont understand anything about offset or backspacing. I plan on getting a 2.5 lift in the future as well. If anybody has 35s and...
  4. 05 Rubicon OEM Wheel Backspace, Offset

    TJ Tech Forum
    Apologies if this is covered already (my newb search skills are lacking), feel free to hit me with links if so, but... While living in Chi-Town, someone stole my spare and wheel right off the back of my Jeep (locking lugs, i know, it was primarily garage-kept - was out for one night). In...
  5. Offset/Backspacing Recommendations

    JK Tech Forum
    Hi All, I currently have a stock 2016 JK Unlimited Sport that I plan on lifting. The lift/shocks are already bought thanks to the help on searching this forum! However, I'm still a bit confused on the best backspacing/offset for this setup. Could someone please help me determine what's going...
  6. JT Wheel specs

    JT Gladiator Technical Discussion
    Anyone know the backspace for JT wheels? Are all models the same? Or is there differences? Buying some JT wheels friday. Thanks!
  7. JK Offset/ Backspacing

    JK Tech Forum
    I'm looking to get to tires and wheels for my JKU but not sure what size to buy. Will a 12-inch wide tire with rims what have a 4.5 backspace and -12 offset... Do you guys think these tires will rub? I run a 3.5 AEV Dualsport rs and currently have 295/70/r18 but wanted to go an inch shorter on...
  8. Wheel Backspacing/Offset Concern

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hey all, I got some new MT Classic III rims for a Christmas/Birthday gift. When we were picking them up from 4 Wheel Parts in Naperville, IL, the dude helping us said that I wouldn't need the spacers that I have now and that the wheel will stick out further than it currently is now... Here are...
  9. Planning to get 35" tires, what size rims?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hello, I have been looking to get 35" tires as a bday gift to myself. I am starting off with the rims. I was looking at 18 x 9 Fuel Assault rims but was curious on what offset. I found one online for a -12mm offset and was curious if I can install it without any rubbing etc. My jk currently has...
  10. Upgraded 2015 Stock JKU to 33" Duratrac and American Outlaw Hollywood

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I just finished upgrading my stock 2015 JKU to 33" Goodyear Duratrac 285R7017 and American Outlaw Hollywood 17"x8.5 wheels with a -10mm offset (~4.375 backspacing). I really like the wider stance and more rugged look and I'm very happy with how far outside the fenders the tires stick (about...
  11. Needed rims but unsure on the offset

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    Hello, I have a 2003 Jeep Wrangler X , 4.56 Gears, 4 inch lift. Now I was looking at 15x8 rims with a offset of ,-12,-19, and -27. I seen the -12 offset was 4.03 backspace, -19 was 3.75 and the -27 was 3.44. I'm looking to get 33x12.5x15 Tires so I was wondering what offset id need so I don't...
  12. Backspacing For 31s on 15'' Rims

    TJ Tech Forum
    I have the teraflex 2'' suspension lift with the 9550 shocks, and want to upgrade the stock tires to BFG AT 31x10.5R15. I'm running the stock rims, do I need additional backspacing? Thanks in advance
  13. NEW JEEP OWNER: Wheel spacing and offset questions

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I am looking into getting new wheels and tires as well as a lift for my recently purchased an all stock 2007 JKU X. I hope to get 33x12.5r17 tires with a 17x9 wheel -4mm offset. If I get a 2.5 inch suspension lift will I be able to fit this size wheel and tire without spacers? If I need spacers...
  14. Will this setup work?

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    I'm in the process of purchasing new tires and wheels for my rig. I'm currently sitting on a 4" RC lift, and 1" BL. I'm planning on going 35/12.5/18. It's my daily driver and only gets taken out maybe once a month, so the big aggressive tires are more for looks then anything. Please don't bash...
  15. 33x12.5 offset/backspacing help

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I have a 2014 JK Sahara pretty much all stock other than my tires which are 33x12.5 R18. Im running them on the stock 18 wheels, i put 1.5" spacers in to get rid of the rubbing when i fully turned the wheel. Now i would like to get new wheels and keep them on the same tire, but i would like to...
  16. Wheel Offset

    Alabama Jeep Forum
    Alright. So, I have a 2001 TJ Sport. Before my dad passed away, he put a skyjacker lift kit on it. Honestly, I can't tell if it is a 4" or a 6". But he never got bigger tires than the stock ones. So, I'm looking at getting new wheels and tires for it, and I have no idea what offset that I need...
  17. 2008 JK wrangler ADVICE

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I am looking to modify my 2008 2 door jeep wrangler... i am doing 2.5 inch teraflex lift kit with shocks.. but i am also looking at 33's and rims to throw on it.. i was wondering if there was a BETTER or more preferred "offset" setting for when i purchase wheels for my jeep.. or if it was...
  18. Tweaked rear axle!

    TJ Tech Forum
    Had a bad shake and went to get it aligned again then they told me my rear axle is off, new to the Jeepin community and was wondering if anyone knew how I could set it back to where it's supposed to be. I'd rather do the work myself cause well I'm a college student and it seems like everyone...
  19. Need Help with Wheel Purchase (Specs)!

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I'm ordering 18" Fuel Hostage rims online and I need some input to make sure I'm understanding and getting the right specs. The wheel specs are: 18 Inch 5x127 Bolt (correct) -12 Offset (??) -72.6 Centerbore (??) Here is the ebay link: 18 inch 18x9 Fuel Off Road Hostage Black Wheel Rim 5x5...
  20. Need experienced wheel advice

    Tires & Wheels
    I'm trying to figure out whether or not the wheels will fit on my stock Tj. I'm looking at Mickey thompson classic III which have -22 offset and 3.31 bs. They are 15x8. I'm gonna put MT baja claw ttc 31x10.50r15 on them. The other rim I was considering had -19 offset with 3.75 bs(pro comp). Ive...