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  1. Colorshift Halos

    JK General Discussion Forum
    i have the color shift halos from oracle, what colors are you legally aloud to drive with in PA.
  2. Oracle plazma headlights and fog lights

    JK Pics Forum
    I've recently bought these for my 2010 JK (red and white plazma). I have yet to install them... the install videos on oracle's web site said it is MUCH easier if you have the easy remove headlights (easy to remove the lense by putting in the oven) than it is with stock headlights. Im stuck...
  3. Oracle Colorshift Halo Rings

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I've read over several threads concerning these halo rings, and I think a lot of people are not realizing what they really are. I just purchased a set of the new Colorshift 2.0 rings by Oracle, and thought I'd throw this out there to help others decide on them or not. First off, my 07 Rubicon JK...