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    Looking for something to keep you occupied while you dream of getting back outdoors? For a limited time we are offering 50% OFF all new digital subscriptions to OutdoorX4 Magazine and our Special Edition for Jeep enthusiasts. Additionally, if you prefer the tangible, archival quality of print...
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    Now through midnight you can save 15% on EVERYTHING on the OutdoorX4 Magazine website including subscriptions (this includes OutdoorX4 Magazine as well as our Special Edition for Jeep enthusiasts), back issues, tees, decals, our new pocket tool, and more by using coupon code leapday at Camping...
  3. Arkansas Ozarks overlanding trip -- March 26-28

    On The Trail
    Our club, Christian Crawlers 4x4 Club, is having our annual spring overlander in the Ozarks of Arkansas during spring break March 26-28th. Here is the Facebook event planner with more info. I'll be leading the ride, so shoot me over any questions you may have...
  4. Arkansas overlanding trip -- March 26-28

    Arkansas Jeep Forum
    Our club is leading an overlanding trip through the Ozarks during spring break March 26-28th. More details can be found here: It would be awesome to meet up with some Wranglerforum peeps.
  5. OutdoorX4's Special Edition for Jeep Enthusiasts Issue #3 Now Available!

    General Jeep Discussion
    Freedom. Passion. Adventure. These words evoke feelings that describe what OutdoorX4 Magazine's Special Edition for Jeep® brand enthusiasts is all about. Freedom when the top is down and the wind is blowing in your hair. Passion for the seven slots that represent a lifestyle. Adventure that can...
  6. Punk'nCon Overlanding/Sleeping Platform Installation

    JL Wrangler Technical Discussion
    I had been looking for an option to give me more storage and a level surface in the rear of my 2019 Wrangler JLUR. I don't use the rear seats so removing them wasn't a problem. The solution I went with is a Rear Seat Delete/Sleeping Platform from Springtail. It meets my needs of simple, cost...
  7. 2008 JKU Sahara Build Planning

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hey, all - I’m starting to plan the build for our 2008 JKU Sahara (automatic), and - never having done this sort of thing before - was hoping to get some advice and suggestions. :-) What we’re aiming for is a build that will allow us to take the Jeep and dry camp for up to 5 or so days...
  8. Overlanding on a Stock Jeep JK/JL

    On The Trail
    Guys/Gals, Please don't take this as any disrespect for the hardcore rock-climbing/mudding crowd. I love what most have you have done with the platform. But for the recreational owner, I believe the stock JK/JL setup is really all you need. Aside from some very basic mods and add- ons. The...
  9. Corporate Bullying by FCA Leads to Jeepers International Name Change

    General Jeep Discussion
    Many of you may not know but last year, OutdoorX4 Magazine relaunched a Jeep magazine entitled Jeepers International that was first released, and lasted only one issue, in the summer of 2000. After debuting the relaunched Jeepers International at SEMA last November, the magazine received a lot...
  10. Overlanding in New England

    Overland & Expedition Discussion
    So, kind of two distinct questions here, but not different enough (I think) to justify two threads. First, I've looked through this forum and couldn't find anything about it, so does anyone know of any overlanding clubs/organizations/group civil unions around the Cape Ann, MA area? The second...
  11. Overlanding in Oregon!

    Overland & Expedition Discussion
    Hello Anyone!! My name is Justin and I'm planning an overlanding trip into Oregon. I just moved to San Francisco for school and currently know little to nothing about Oregon. The trip will start March 16 and I'm planning to be back into SF by the 23rd. I NEED YOUR HELP! Before moving, I've...
  12. Any good itineraries for rtt camping on the way to Moab?

    WF New Member Check In
    I joined a while back for tips on purchasing a JK. Thanks to everyone's vast accumulation of advice, I now have a 2016 sport four door that my wife and kids and I all love. We are slowly upgrading it for general purpose. I purchased a Rhino Rack and Smittybilt Overlander xl. Really excited...
  13. OutdoorX4 Magazine 10% Discount for Wrangler Forum Members!

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    The Summer months are winding down and what better way to relax than to catch-up on the latest issue of OutdoorX4 Magazine! Issue 28 is packed with great editorial including: Awnings for your next overland adventure Hiking White Sands National Monument Royal Enfield's new Himalayan Adventure...
  14. Not another tire size thread... or is it? JKU 35" w/ Teraflex 3"

    JK Tech Forum
    Before the LMGTFY responses pile up, I have been reading up on everyone's opinions on tires, lifts, and geometry... It has been helpful. This is specific to the configuration I am setting up and the use case for my Jeep. After next weekend, I will be riding on a 3" Teraflex lift with Bilstein...
  15. Anza Borrego by Jeep in OutdoorX4 Issue #27

    General Jeep Discussion
    OutdoorX4 Magazine released its 27th issue last month and featured in this issue is an excellent article on travels through Anza Borrego by Jeep including the full build sheet of a JKU for overland travel. You can view an 18-page sample of Issue 27 by visiting To...
  16. Jeep adventure through Anza Borrego in OutdoorX4 Magazine's New Issue

    General Jeep Discussion
    The latest issue of OutdoorX4 Magazine recently shipped and you can view an 18-page sample of the newest issue in digital featuring a very nicely built Jeep JKU and its travels through Anza Borrego. Wrangler Forum members receive a 10% discount on subscriptions and gear from the OutdoorX4...
  17. OutdoorX4 Magazine Discount for Wrangler Forum Members

    Overland & Expedition Discussion
    Back in 2013, OutdoorX4 Magazine announced its first issue as an independent overland adventure lifestyle publication. We've been a proud supporter of Wrangler Forum since before that first issue published and we're proud to offer fellow members here a 10% discount on a subscription to OutdoorX4...
  18. Searching for Rock Art in the American Southwest

    On The Trail
    Our Senior Photographer, Randy Langstraat, wrote a nice piece for us back in Issue 2 of OutdoorX4 Magazine on the various types of rock art (petroglyphs and pictographs) scattered throughout the American southwest. We've republished it onto the OutdoorX4 website and it's an excellent, brief...
  19. Jeepers International Magazine to Launch in Fall 2018!

    General Jeep Discussion
    It's official! We are proud to announce the launch of Jeepers International Magazine with charter subscriptions available at starting May 1. Check out the complete press release here...
  20. Overland Fridge Freezer Guide

    General Jeep Discussion
    Looking for a fridge/freezer to use on your next #overland adventure? Check out our fridge/freezer buyer's guide from the OutdoorX4 website in the link below: