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  1. Question about USB Speeds?

    JK Tech Forum
    I recently got a new head unit installed on my 2014 JKU, and I'm trying to figure out how to route the USB 3.0 extension that comes from the new head unit. I know the Jeep has a factory USB port in the center console that connects to the factory UConnect module with a Mini-B male connector...
  2. Power issues on 2010 JKU; Gear ratio change, should I or not?

    JK Tech Forum
    A little over a year ago in Colorado I had some serious power issues while driving in Colorado. My Jeep would be fine until I hit a hill and then the RPMs went up and my speed went down significantly. I've still noticed some power issues not on hills and want to address this. The engine is in...
  3. 89 Wrangler Alternator - voltage question

    YJ Tech Forum
    I have an 89 Jeep Wrangler 2.5L 5-sp manual. Replaced the alternator with a 78 amp and now I don't get proper volts as measured at the dash gauge. It went from steady at 14 with the old one to more like 8-9 with the new. Things like wipers and blinkers are now slooooow. The old Delco-Remy alt...
  4. Wiring & Install Notes

    Wiring & Install Notes

    wiring diagram for front and rear lights and TadiBrothers Jeep and R-Pod Trailer rear and side camera system in a Rough Country pillar switch column.
  5. Wondering why my wrangler is losing power

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hi, I have a 2012 model Manual wrangler jk sahara. Its been amazing until recently. Its running complete stock with no mods at all. So when i start the car in the mornings, and i accelerate my way out of my parking, the car seems to lag and then all of a sudden produces adequate power after...
  6. Adding Power Door Locks and/or windows

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Good day fellow Jeepers, I have a 2018 JKU with the good old roll up windows and manual door locks :atomic:. I utilized the search bar and am shocked no one has posted about this before (or that I am not capable of searching correctly?:pc-ouch:) Has anyone added power door locks? Power...
  7. 3.8 Magnuson Supercharger?

    JK Tech Forum
    For my budget any swap is out of the picture. However I noticed that the magnuson blower is only 4k, makes more than the sprintex, and is roots so all the power is lower than the RIPP centrifugal. My 3.8 needs a rebuild soon anyway and paired with the RIPP headers I see it making upwards of 240...
  8. Help! Sudden loss of torque and transmission acting up.

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hey Guys, I really need some help here. I was driving around all day doing errands and what not, on my way home, came to a set of lights and stopped. Then went to take off and the TJ just started shuddering like the gearbox couldn't engage and produce power down the drive shaft. It took like a...
  9. Electrical Power Issues

    JK Tech Forum
    After a regear to 4.88 I did back in July to my 2012 Jeep JK I have started experiencing an issue when driving at highway speeds for 2+ hours. After a long period of driving I will hear a chime from the instrument cluster and all of the gauges will turn off for a second and all of the warning...
  10. Steering box leak (what part is this?)

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hi and thanks for stopping by :) Recently, I found that power steering fluid was leaking from my steering box. I tracked down the leak, but I need help identifying which part to replace or how to stop the leak. Here are some pictures of where the leak is coming from, between the body of the...
  11. Power steering fluid leak

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hi and thanks for stopping by :) I'm sorry if there are already threads about this, but the WF site search isn't working for some reason... Anyways, I've noticed some red fluid coming out of my steering box recently. The whole steering box and driver's side of the front axle stays wet with...
  12. Getting Power on a Budget

    JK Tech Forum
    Hello I have a 2008 JK 2 door Wrangler X. He's got 131K miles on him already. Only thing I don't like is the jeep seems to be lacking power. What are some mods I can try to add some HP without breaking the bank?
  13. Stumped

    JK Tech Forum
    2013 JKUR. Over the weekend, I had no electrical power at all. Inserted the key and no chimes, no dash lights, no starter, no nothing. I was surprised because I had replaced the battery just three months ago. I called AAA and got a 45 minute response estimate. So, I'm just sitting there...
  14. Can anyone explain this strange wiring? Reading 19Volts at battery

    TJ Tech Forum
    I just bought a 1998 Jeep Wrangler 4cly. I'm somewhat new to Jeeps other than owning a 2006 back in 2006. When the jeep is running the lights flicker and the battery reads 19volts. It appears to have a new alternator with some strange wiring and electrical pieces connected to it. I was...
  15. Lost all power when starting

    TJ Tech Forum
    I have a 97 4L TJ. I have been having an issue for a few days where the 1st time I crank the starter it makes a grinding noise, but the second time it starts right up. Yesterday, I drove to work, shut it off and then immediately tried to start it again. As soon as I cranked it, it lost all...
  16. Manual to Power Windows?

    Colorado Jeep Forum
    Has anyone used the conversion kit to make the manual windows power? I dont have a clue as to how to do it...not sure that I could, even with instructions. I asked the dealership today and they said they dont do it. Any ideas of places to go? Or if you've done it on your rig....wanna do mine...
  17. 2003 TJ 4.0 Manual

    TJ Tech Forum
    I'm having a couple of issues with my TJ. I bought this rust bucket used from New York and put a 4" lift from rough country and 35" MT's on it. Now she doesn't handle the highway well. It struggles to do 65/70 mph.Someone said I need to get it reprogrammed. Is that true? Another issue I was told...
  18. TJ Aux Input Adapter Install

    Communications and Electronics
    2004 Jeep Wrangler with a factory radio, I'm adding an Audio Auxiliary Input Adapter. The plug in is easy enough, utilizing the CD Changer 10-pin connector. The issue comes in with the power wire. The directions only state, "Connect to 12 volt power source." If possible can any supply a...
  19. No power to stock sub. Possible solution.

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hi guys, check out my diagnosis and possible solution and give me feedback. Thanks for your help! BUT... since I'm not even sure if that's actually the "radio choke relay"... and I don't even know if it's a bad part yet, I'm wondering if the idea below is a possible solution.
  20. Quick fix for alternator?

    YJ Tech Forum
    My '91 has been squealing lately (mostly when I first start it) and when it does, the power decreases and the battery indicator shows it falling down to the red. All practical advice says I need a new alternator, but I can't afford one at the moment. Any quick fixes to extend the life of this...