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  1. JL Technical Discussion
    I have 2013 JKU Rubicon, manual trans. I notice oil drips between trans and oil pan. Initially confirmed it wasn’t oil filter housing (no pooling in the well around the housing). Couldn’t tell if it was RMS or oil pan gasket. Took it to the dealer and they diagnosed RMS and estimate $1700 for...
  2. YJ Technical Discussion
    I’m looking for a Kent Moore J-36306 Rear Crankshaft Oil Seal Installer tool. I’ve found them on eBay for $50. (Used only once of course) I just hate to spend that money for a tool that I will use for just 1 minute and probably never again. Does anyone know of a parts store that has one as a...
  3. YJ Technical Discussion
    It needs to be replaced. It is NOT the oil pan gasket. It is a leaking rear main oil seal. (kinda expected after 230,000 miles) There are plenty of videos online showing how to replace the 4.0L 6 cylinder main seal (the two piece seal) that is simply removing the oil pan and the bearing cap...
1-3 of 3 Results