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  1. JL Rubicon 392
    FYI- for 2022 you will no longer be able to get the Recon package if you order a 392. In my never- ending quest to not get hosed with a $10K mark up on a 392 in inventory I decided I'd order one. I found a California dealer who would complete the order without a mark-up. Except apparently for...
  2. Classifieds Archive
    Will add about 1” over stock rubicon springs. Also have teraflex spacers that will add another 2” front and 1” rear.
  3. JK General Discussion
    Would like to know if you can put LT285/70R17's (Looking at Firestone Destination M/T2) on a stock 2017 Recon (2-Door) without lift or spacers?
  4. JK General Discussion
    The rims on my JKU (OEM Recon) do not leave an opening at the 12 o'clock position to add a rear view camera in that location. Does anyone make a mount that would mount at the 6 o'clock position or above the rear tire? Is my only option using a license plate mounted camera (which I'm not a fan...
  5. JK Technical Discussion
    I have spent the last hour trying to find out EXACTLY what a "Military Inspired" heavy duty front Dana 44 is that FCA puts in the Recons. I have read in WF that it is actually a Dana Ultimate 44, but I can not confirm this anywhere. I have been to Mopar Parts Online, Mopar Performance Parts...
  6. Hawaii Jeep Forum
    Aloha friends, I'm moving to Oahu! I've discovered the Recon permit and am making a game plan so I can arrive ready for inspection. I have a 17' JKU Recon, 3.5" lift, 37x12.5 MTs, and the same 3rd brake light OP failed for in this post (mod details in signature). My current plan is...
  7. Classifieds Archive
    The shocks and springs from my 2018 JKUR Recon were removed with only 40 miles on them to install a lift. Asking $350 for the shocks and springs but will include all suspension parts in the picture if desired. Local pickup in the Houston area. Could work out an arrangement for pickup in Austin...
  8. JK Technical Discussion
    In 2017 I bought a new overstock 2016 JKUR. After owning it several months I noticed that the passenger side is about 1/2" lower than the driver's side when measured at the same places. For example from the same place on the front fender, or even to the frame where the front control arms mount...
  9. Classifieds Archive
    I have a new set of Billet Silver Factory Fenders for sale. My jeep has less than 700 miles (Rubicon Recon) I want to go fenderless so I want to finance part of that with these items for sale. Freight on you or pick up within 100 miles of Santa Fe , NM
  10. Tires & Wheels
    I purchase a 2017 Rubicon Recon in late summer and have decided to install wheel spacers and run a slightly larger tire on the stock wheels. Wheel spacers were installed this past weekend (thread with pics) and I'm ordering tires today. I'm going to order 285/75R17's and will be selling the...
  11. JK Build Forum
    I finally decided to bite the bullet and trade in my dream Mustang for my dream Jeep. We went from a 2 Mustang family to a 2 Jeep family. We still have our trusty old TJ. My son and I had a lot of fun building it up to a mild trail Jeep based on how we off-road (not very extreme). Here's a...
  12. JK Technical Discussion
    On the left side of the steering wheel, my recon has 2 factory switches for the sway bar disconnect and the Axle lock, with what looks like room for 3 more switches. Anyone know if someone is selling those switches? The dealer says they aren't available. Thanks!
  13. JK General Discussion
    My husband just brought my 5th Jeep home today. When I bought my first ever Jeep. It was pre-owned with low mileage 2006 Jeep Commander. The longest I ever drove a vehicle. Next was a 2010 Jeep Commander then I finally got what my heart desired. I got my first JKUR Firecracker Red. My husband...
  14. JK General Discussion
    So it's less than one week since I took delivery of my 2017 JKU Rubicon Recon, and the dealer is trying to convince me that I need to buy the Zurich Shield protection package. "Most people get it done at purchase time, but you definitely need to get it done before winter." So my question to my...
  15. JK General Discussion
    If you've built-out your trail/rock crawling, mega-lifted JK Jeep with 37"-40" tires you can pass on this thread - it's not applicable for you because at this point you are "self-insured/ self-warrantied." :eek: Lots of JK Forum discussion on OEM warranties and Max Care extended coverage...
  16. JK General Discussion
    My wife and I just placed an order for our first Jeep: A Rubicon Unlimited Recon Edition. We are looking at winches and are currently between a Warn Zeon 10-s and 10-s Platinum. Our main concern is if there will be any sag with the factory suspension?
  17. JK General Discussion
    Hi all! I have a 2015 Unlimited Sport and I have been wanting to upgrade the look of the rear end a little by adding LED tail lights (including third above spare). The problem I face is that EVERY brand I have found ends up having some of the worst reviews I have seen... Spyder and Recon being...
  18. JK Pics Forum
    I'm looking at purchasing either the IPCW LED tail lights or the ebay knockoff version of the Recon Tail lights. Anyone using either of these that can give me some info and perhaps post a picture (preferably in black/smoked) would be appreciated.
1-18 of 22 Results