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  1. Classifieds Archive
    While it breaks my heart to say this, it's time to put my Jeep up for sale. This certainly won't be my last Wrangler, but she was definitely my favorite thus far. A helluva lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into building her up and making her my own, so I hope she goes to a great home...
  2. TJ Technical Discussion
    Summary For the last week, the “CHECK GAUGES” indicator has been lighting up (with it’s simultaneous long beep) when I turn the engine back on after stopping the engine after driving 20-30mins. The engine temp needle is in the red (260ish) at the time the indicator lights up. It’s like it just...
  3. Rubicons Side By Side

    Lisa and mine @ Home Depot
  4. JK Pics Forum
    Hello! I just bought my first Jeep ever and it's a Red Rubi Unlimited ^_^ I really wanted dark gray that I could accent with blue but I couldn't pass up the deal on this red one so I'm *considering* accenting the red with blue and would love to see others' who have already done this! It'll be...
  5. JK General Discussion
    TJ is nearing 190k and even though I could prolly run it for another 100k, I figured it was getting to be time for something new. Months into my slow search, I found this '12 Flame Red Rubi with every creature comfort you could ask for, I couldn't pass it up. Really going to miss my TJ when I...
  6. JK General Discussion
    I couldn't find too much about this. I saw someone had been asking the same thing about Copper Brown (another hard to accent color). It's much easier to take a neutral colored jeep (black, white, silver, etc) and add pops of color with accents. But I feel like it's much harder to find a tasteful...
  7. Red Devil The Tj

    My disintegrating TJ.
  8. TJ Build Forum
    Today I bought my first Jeep!:iamhappy: She's an automatic 1998 Sport I6 with 119k miles and a brand new soft top. Pretty much stock, except a previous owner took out the carpet and did a bed liner, which I'm pretty happy about. It's going to be a long, slow build because I'm in college with...
  9. Riding Trails

    2011 JKU 4x4
  10. YJ Pics Forum
    hey guys, new to the forum.. just thought i would share some pics of my new 1993 yj, didnt do much to it yet, just plasti dipped the wheels black so far hope the pics show up
  11. Pictures Forum
    Last October I had a (once shiny) new 2014 custom built and shipped to Europe, where I am currently stationed. I have been having a blast with it off-road as I love to metal detect old Celtic and Roman settlements far from modern towns. It's an awesome machine! Hearing that first...
1-14 of 35 Results