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  1. Weird touch up paint

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Looking at a used 2017 JK Sahara with body paint colored fenders. Upon close inspection, it became clear that the front grill was touched up with paint as well as were the fenders right next to the grill. There are no accidents on the carfax of the car, but this is concerning because it was...
  2. Rocker Beyond Repair? Please help me save me LJ!

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hello everyone, I have an 04 LJ that has been my ride or die for the last 8 years. Somewhere around 4 years ago, I noticed the stock diamond plating on my rockers were starting to show some rust on the outside and that some rust-colored water was coming from behind them. I pulled the plates...
  3. Tool kit

    JK General Discussion Forum
    So I’m new to Jeeping, and I’d like to build a good toolkit that I can keep in my JK For when things don’t quite go my way. Suggestions on what to stock it with?
  4. Interior lights, driver door window, radio... help

    JK Tech Forum
    Hello, I have a 2014 JK and I recently ran into the problem that I cannot control my interior lights from the stick on the driving column. I can turn on my headlights, but the rotating switch won't let me adjust brightness and my gauge lights stay at max. Beyond this, I get surges of...
  5. Looking For a Complete Repair Manual

    JK Tech Forum
    So I have a 2010 JK Sport. She is a bit worse for ware and in need of alot of love. I am looking for a complete book for rebuilding her. Preferably I would want a PDF so I can print it off in parts and build an encyclopedia for it rather than digging through a massive tome for a small bit of...
  6. Cracked Transmission Inlet - repair or despair?

    YJ Tech Forum
    I was replacing tranny fluid in my 1990 YJ 4.2 and somehow cracked the inlet port of the transmission. Really, I broke off the top half of the female inlet. There's enough inlet left to hold the plug, and the plug enters the case (but only just a bit, like maybe 2-3 mm). I question whether...
  7. Clutch died. Parts list help

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hello, My throwout bearing finally bit the bullet. It had been rattling for some time now, but finally just went full death mode on me last weekend. I've ordered some parts, but would like to see if there are any other suggested parts to replace while I'm in there. Parts on their way...
  8. Any recommendations in the Miami, FL area

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    Hello, I was hoping someone on this list could make a recommendation in the Miami, FL area for a reputable body shop to help me with my Jeep Wrangler as I try to keep the frame as rust free as possible. It is a 1997 jeep wrangler with light surface rust on some parts of the frame. So, i would...
  9. Any recommendations in the Miami, FL area

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hello, I was hoping someone on this list could make a recommendation in the Miami, FL area for a reputable body shop to help me with my Jeep Wrangler as I try to keep the frame as rust free as possible. It is a 1997 jeep wrangler with light surface rust on some parts of the frame. So, i...
  10. Transmission not shifting from 1st to 2nd gear

    JK Tech Forum
    Hello all, I have a 2014 Unlimited Sport (2.5in suspension lift, 35inch tires, 20inch wheels, aftermarket bumpers, and side armor). I've had the Jeep for 2 months. It had 54K miles when I purchased it. Yesterday, during my ride to work, I noticed the transmission would not shift from 1st gear...
  11. Help diagnosing my beloved TJ

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hello all! First post but long-time lurker. Intro (optional read): {Last year, I bought my first Jeep - a 13-year used TJ Wrangler, because the 2-door Wrangler is my dream car and I just love the TJ model line the most. I am so in love with it, quite literally becoming my most prized...
  12. Tire Cover Repair

    JL Wrangler General Discussion
    I have figured out a simple temporary fix for tire covers that either tear, rip or start to crack. Supplies I use are: Window Screen, Black Ahhesive Sealant, wax paper or used candy/cracker wrapper. This almost like patching bike tire tubes. Cut out a patch using the window screen. Place the...
  13. After


    The frame is welded and the steering box is no longer falling off, the rust has been removed from the tub, diamond kick plates installed, and we added a few stickers just for fun.
  14. Need feedback on quoted repair work.

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hey everyone, Long time viewer, first time poster. Was wondering how I should proceed with some of my repairs as I'm currently on a budget and can't splurge that much. I recently took my 2011 Wrangler to the garage to get diagnosed for the handbrake not working. Turns out there were a lot more...
  15. Need Suspension Help

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I have had my Jeep for a little under a year now, it is a 2014 JK, and when I purchased it there was what seemed to be a 2-2.5" lift. Since the purchase the only addition I have made is adding my tires and wheels and front bumper. The "lift" was determined to be most likely a 2.5" Rough Country...
  16. Hardtop Repair

    YJ Tech Forum
    Hello, Over the weekend I was given a free hardtop from a CJ-7 that had been in a field for a number of years (unsure how long). It's in the kind of shape you would expect but honestly, it's not too bad. It was filthy, but I was able to clean it up pretty well. After a pretty long time...
  17. Actuator pin repair HELP

    TJ Tech Forum
    How is it going guys, need some pointers on a repairing the a-pin in the steering column. Any advice? Need this done on a TJ 04 sport. are ther any good writeups anyone can recommend? Will post pics when I start sometime this week. Also wher may I have a better time looking for this part? will...
  18. 95 Sahara Oil Pan Question

    YJ Tech Forum
    Hey there, So I can't get my oil plug out, the threads themselves are stripped. Dropped it off at a mechanic I trust, and he hasn't been able to remove it either, without potentially damaging the oil pan. The trick here is, he's not sure (and neither am I) which of the two oil pans for that...
  19. Not the usual road salt damage

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Everyone knows road salt is hard on all parts of a vehicle but what the hell is this? The previous owner dropped the door when putting it back on and damaged the door as well as the body. The first photo show the repair after painting. Color matching 9 years of fade is never easy but it's...
  20. 2011 JK Clutch Issues...advice is good :)

    JK Tech Forum
    So I purchased a JK for my son with only 21k miles on it about year ago. We had it for 6 months and it needed a new clutch at about 26k. We had the clutch replaced for $1300 at a local shop. It lasted for about 4,000 miles but quit. They fixed it for $400 more. 1,000 miles later the clutch...