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  1. JK General Discussion Forum
    Has anyone tried these painted fender flares from Ebay? Link I'm looking to install painted fenders on my jeep but its Rhino colored and can't find a set anywhere... Thanks in advance.
  2. JK Build Forum
    Bought my 2016 Rhino Jeep two months ago and I’m already so in love with it just I already started adding minor mods to it. But i have yet to notice in person and online any amazing looking rhino jeeps. Any mods/colors/builds that will make a rhino Jeep look spectacular?
  3. JK General Discussion Forum
    This plug is located in the passenger rear of my 2017 jku. I was hoping it was so i can just plug and play the factory sub. If this is not a plug for a factory sub is there a way i can buy the sub off eBay and connect it?
  4. JK General Discussion Forum
    How can i tell if my jeep has a factory amp and wired for a sub? I opened the plastic in the passenger rear and these are the plugs i found does anyone know if it has a factory amp and wired for a factory sub? i like the stock look and found an alpine factory sub for a good price. Does anyone...
  5. JK General Discussion Forum
    Here's my back story. I had bought a 2.5 AEV lift because an employee at one of the top jeep stores in my area suggested it. He said its one of the best lifts and he would install it for 50/hr it would take about 4.5 hrs. Since it was a killer deal on install I decided to make an appointment for...
  6. JK General Discussion Forum
    I had to toyo At2 on my last vehicle and loved it. I was going to get the same tires for my jku but just seen bfg ko2 are on sale marking it only 150 more for all 5 tires. What do y'all use and is there an advantage with one over he other?
  7. JK General Discussion Forum
    Im about to buy a 2.5 lift kit. The jeep is my daily driver and i want the best ride quality. The extent of my off road would be the beach and dirt roads. My original plan is teraflex 2.5 with shocks. The kit cost me 750 plus 500 to install so approximately 1350 before tax. I then seen i could...
  8. JK General Discussion Forum
    How did everyone wire their reverse and/ or their front camera? I like the idea of being able to see in front of the jeep with a camera whenever I like. I was thinking that would be convenient to be able to see behind me with a camera even whiteout being in reverse. Did anyone else wire there...
  9. JK General Discussion Forum
    I'm going to get 35's on 18 and wasn't sure how I should mount my spare. I was looking at the teraflex hinge and oversized tire carrier but I wasn't sure ow sturdy it was. I don't mind the stock bumper look but it looks like for a litter more I could get the smittybilt XRC with tire carrier. How...
  10. JK General Discussion Forum
    I was pricing lifts today and was set on 2.5 teraflex, but the sales man got me interested in 3 inch zone and if I wanted add fox shocks. Does anyone have any input on these 2 lifts? Zone 3 without the fox shocks was 150 less if that means anything.
  11. 2017 Jkur Hard Rock

    4.5" RE Long Arm w/ 3 link rear, King shocks, 37x13.50 20 Nitto Trail Grapplers on 20x12 Fuel D569 Vapor wheels
  12. JK General Discussion Forum
    What cameras did you use? Post pics of the location and how you mounted it if you can.
  13. JK General Discussion Forum
    Just bought idata link and kenwood ddx9703s for my 2017 Sahara. Just wondering if anyone one else bought it and is it worth it?
  14. JK General Discussion Forum
    I've seen a lot of people go with rough county and Tera flex2.5, but what do you think about old man emu 2.5 kits?
  15. JK General Discussion Forum
    I bought a jeep with the crappy stock head unit with uconnect. I want to upgrade to a head unit with car play, but I want all my steering controls and mic to all work like stock. Any suggestions on a head unit that will do this for me. Back up camera would be nice also.
  16. JK General Discussion Forum
    I love my jeep and knew when buying it that they weren't the most secure vehicle just wondering if anyone has a security alarm and which do you prefer. Also what about backup camera any preferences? Thank you
  17. JK General Discussion Forum
    I can't decide if I should match the factory rear or go dark. If you have pics of your jeep can you post them and tell me if it's darker then legal or just matching the factory rear. Thank you.
  18. JK General Discussion Forum
    I know window tint is all preference but after looking at everyones pictures not many people have the windows tinted. I was going to go with dark tint with the visor strip but the majority of the jeeps with tint have light tint with no strip. Is there a reason why people do this instead of dark...
  19. JK General Discussion Forum
    Has anyone tried to Rhino-line or Linex the factory flares on their JK? I actually like the style of the flares (don't hate me), but would like to see if they can be Rhino'd.. Will it adhere to the plastic? Thx,,, Bill A
  20. JK Tech Forum
    Hey fellas, New member but looking for some advise. Ive got a 2010 Rubicon waiting for me when i graduate college. So...where to start. Well I'm a car guy and flip/work/swap parts and make money off them on the side. My question is a two part and has two different categories. 1. I want to...
1-20 of 25 Results