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  1. Classifieds Archive- move sold/expired ads here
    Synergy/Poly Performance rock sliders for 2 door Wrangler JKs. Sliders are new and have never been installed. Black powder coated. All installation hardware and instructions are included. I bought these right before Synergy stopped making them and ended up selling the Jeep before I got...
    $200 USD
  2. Classifieds Archive- move sold/expired ads here
    I'm looking for a Mopar rock crwaler front bumper for my TJ. I know it's a long shot as they have been discontinued for some time now. I'm willing to pick up in NJ and the surrounding states.
  3. Classifieds Archive- move sold/expired ads here
    I'm looking for a Mopar TJ Front Rock Crawler Bumper. I have attached a stock photo of what the bumper looks like. I'm also looking for Moss Green (PJN) Half Doors with slate colored inner panels.
  4. JK General Discussion
    Hey guys Im almost ready to open my wallet to Jason. Im pretty set on the 3.5 X Factor with 37s but only IF it will fit in my garage! Is any one running this set up or know EXACTLY how much lift I will get out of this!? I would kick my self right in the ass if I installed this lift and it was...
  5. JK General Discussion
    Hey all, About to buy this lift but just wanted final advice and opinions! Rock Krawler JK 2.5 Max Travel System any pictures or advice appreciated! Can't wait for the spring!! Thanks again to Jason at for getting me to this point! I can't wait to give...
  6. JK Technical Discussion
    Hey all, I purchased (used) Smittybilt XRC Rock Sliders. I Cannot for the life of me get these things to properly line up to the holes in my pinch weld. Does anyone have experience mounting these? Any words of wisdom? The rear mounts up fine, but the front is about 1 inch away. As we push the...
  7. Rockin'

    Lonely Rock @ TORR, TX
  8. Rockin'

    Family of Rocks @ TORR, TX
  9. Classifieds Archive- move sold/expired ads here
    Jeep parts of my 2008 JK, I can post pictures at your request. -Stock Spare Tire -Stock Spare Tire Cover -Third Brake Light/Spare Tire Carrier -All 4 Stock Fender Flares (No Fender Liners) Very dusty in pics, will clean before sale -Charcoal Gray Carpet for 2dr JK -Smittybilt Front Tubular...
  10. Classifieds Archive- move sold/expired ads here
    This bumper was on my Jeep when I bought it and I personally just don't like it. Just wanting something different I guess... :confused: I'm asking $275 local pick up (Jackson, Tennessee). I can also drive to surrounding cities or meet halfway to make a deal but I'm open to shipping, I just need...
  11. JK General Discussion
    Hey i want to put a new bumper on my wrangler but not sure what to choose...i want a good rock crawling bumper and would like for it to have a stinger too..would be willing to spend any less than 1k...
  12. TJ General Discussion
    I know that there are several threads about these, some with install help. But so far I havent been able to find an answer to my question. Installing on an 06 Wrangler X. First where do the spacer pieces that come in the box with the rails go? And secondly, do these mount via the bolts that...
  13. JK General Discussion
    Can anyone tell me what brand/model this side rock slider is???
  14. YJ Technical Discussion
    So im planning on lifting my 91 YJ soon and im a complete noob... My dad is a mechanic so im sure the manual labor he will walk me through but what will i need for the complete suspension lift? Is this all i need besides my new tires? Jeep YJ Wrangler 4 inch Lift Kit NEW N2.0,MAKE AN OFFER | eBay
  15. TJ Technical Discussion
    I have a set of Mopar Rubicon Rock Rails/Rock Sliders. Whatever you want to call them. I have all the original hardware and everything needed. I am just unsure of the size drill bit I need and whether anybody has any tips and do or do nots. I tried to contact Mopar and they just gave me the run...
  16. Classifieds Archive- move sold/expired ads here
    Body Armor Rock Sliders $150.00 For Sale: 1 set of lightly used Body Armor rock sliders. These mount to the body mounts (and help to protect and box them) with no extra holes to drill. About 10 minutes per side to install. These have served me very well and I really prefer them over the ones...
  17. TJ Technical Discussion
    I'm looking at one of these RockNob's to replace my black plastic one, anyone ever bought one of these or know anything about the actual quality? Any help is appreciated. Moab RockNob Gearshift Knob with Kokopelli Petroglyph
1-19 of 23 Results