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  1. HELP! Looking at used JK with 20k Miles

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Looking at purchasing my first wrangler. Does the bottom of this thing show any areas of concern? I don’t know what I am looking for. Thank you so much!
  2. looking to buy a new jeep- but issues with a leak?

    JK Tech Forum
    Hola all- been looking into joining the Jeep Wrangler family to have a summer car. Make good money but like most millennial - student debt out the ass. Was looking at wranglers under 6K in NJ which was a farce - every single one had tons of issues. I increased my budget to 10K at this point and...
  3. Surface Rust on DV8 Fenders?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    What‘s the most cost-effective way to treat this surface rust? They are only a year old (but were purchased second-hand, so no warranty would apply), and it turns out DV8 doesn’t have very good powdercoating or sealing. What products would you guys use to treat this so it doesn’t come back every...
  4. How much rust is too much rust to buy?

    General Jeep Discussion
    Im looking to buy my first Jeep Wrangler, but I have been noticing alot of rust on the cheaper ones I go to visit. I recently saw a 2010 Unlimited Sahara, but it had a lot of rust. Maybe this is to be expected..but I thought I would post a few pictures to see what this community of people would...
  5. Door Hinge Rust Warranty Issues

    JK Tech Forum
    2016 JKUR, 40k miles. All of my hinges (body side) look like the attached picture. I started noticing faint rust probably around 2018. I was getting recall work done and brought it to the service managers attention who told me to wait and see if it got worse since hinges were tricky and...
  6. Help! Broke a rusted bolt on the exhaust crossover manifold!

    JK Tech Forum
    Tried to do my first manual transmission fluid change on my 2015 Sport Unlimited. Ran into the inevitable issue with that stupid exhaust crossover blocking the transmission fluid drain plug - planned on trying to disconnect the crossover at the passenger side flange (right near the transmission...
  7. Help! TJ Expert in Chicago - Safe-T-Caps?

    Illinois Jeep Forum
    Hey all! I have a 2000 Wrangler TJ, and the frame rust is pretty rough. I have been considering installing the Safe-T-Caps as a fix. I don't necessarily need my TJ to last forever because I plan on moving in a year or so, so a frame replacement seems like a bit much. Is there anyone who can...
  8. Repairing a Rusted Door Hinge Pin?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hey y'all, more adventures with Persephone, the 2013 Sport I just bought. I had some struggles getting the doors off, but after looking here I did it with a jack and some creativity. The thing is, my upper door hinge pin looks rusted, and the other pins/pin holes seem to have some wear with...
  9. Too Much Rust? Yes that question Again.

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    New to this forum, but without a TJ just yet. Currently have a Scrambler and a family of 4. Just not enough sets for the family so I want to sell it and get a TJ Unlimited. Being from Texas and having a Scrambler from Arizona, I am not used to see much rust on a car that has been reasonably...
  10. New '16 JKU Owner - Rust fix during bumper replacement

    JK General Discussion Forum
    First post as a forum member, and looking forward to participating with the community. I purchased a 2016 JKU Sport about a year ago, and the wife and I are finally getting around to the mods. Always wanted a Jeep Wrangler, and this is the first one - so learning a lot along the way. I...
  11. Rocker panel diamond plate?

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    Have purchased my first TJ last September and failed to do anti rust before winter really hit, I have a few rust spots that are starting to appear on the rocker panels. No holes yet, just rusted metal + bubbled up paint. Now the plan: Sand / grind all the rust down Paint the treated areas...
  12. Opinions on the rust? 2014 JK

    JK Tech Forum
    I am currently looking at a 2014 JK Sport that I am incredibly interested in. Looking at the rust, I am not sure whether I should make this purchase or not. It had come from Minnesota, but the owner now lives in Seattle. Thoughts and opinions are incredibly appreciated.
  13. Hub Bearing Siezed to Axleshaft

    JK Tech Forum
    I've been trying to tackle a bad u-joint (driver side front axle) and New York winters have been haunting me quite a bit. I managed to pull the axle-shaft out with the hub bearing, but the two seem to be seized together. I've tried bashing, prying, yanking- nothing seems to want to make it...
  14. Jeep JL chassis corrosion

    JL Wrangler Technical Discussion
    Hello JL owners and future owners, My question is about corrosion in a new JL. We have a new Jeep JL Sahara waiting for pickup at the dealer. We did the pre inspection and took a look underneath at the chassis. The chassis is already showing signs of corrosion around the welds and it looks...
  15. Any recommendations in the Miami, FL area

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    Hello, I was hoping someone on this list could make a recommendation in the Miami, FL area for a reputable body shop to help me with my Jeep Wrangler as I try to keep the frame as rust free as possible. It is a 1997 jeep wrangler with light surface rust on some parts of the frame. So, i would...
  16. Any recommendations in the Miami, FL area

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hello, I was hoping someone on this list could make a recommendation in the Miami, FL area for a reputable body shop to help me with my Jeep Wrangler as I try to keep the frame as rust free as possible. It is a 1997 jeep wrangler with light surface rust on some parts of the frame. So, i...
  17. Jeep Restoration in VA

    Virginia Jeep Forum
    Hi all, I've got a '94 YJ that's in need of some restoration. Does anyone know of a good shop in the NOVA/middle VA area? I'm willing to travel and leave it somewhere if necessary. The big thing for me is somewhere that can do good bodywork. There's a fair amount of rust that I'd like to be...
  18. Rust on a used Jeep

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hi all! New around here, I am also sure this has been posted before, but I am curious on what people's opinions are on this used 2012 JKU Arctic. I understand its basically a Sahara with different accents, but it ticks all the boxes of being able to do trails my current Volvo xc70 can't do...
  19. Frame/body mount rust advice

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hi all, looking for some advice on whether to buy and repair or just run away. My girlfriend is shopping for her first Jeep. The current top contender is a '99 TJ 4.0 with 181k miles for $6,500. New clutch, trans, brakes, body and interior in pretty good shape, and some decent mods. We're near...
  20. Protect the door hinge after removal?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I took my doors off for the first time a few days ago. A friend mentioned something to me about doing something to protect the part of the hinge and bushing that is attached to the Jeep itself, since it will be more prone to rust and corrosion as it is exposed to rain. Do you do anything to...