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  1. Tires & Wheels
    I have some cragar soft 8s that are around ten or eleven inches wide and would like to know if it would be safe to put 33/14.5/r15 tires on them. I know the tires will clear my fenders but I would also like to know how much backspacing i need on my rims so they don't rub when I turn.
  2. JK General Discussion
    I recently purchased my 2007 Sahara Unlimited and immediately had a tie rod issue which was covered under the warranty and repaired and a couple days ago my horn stopped functioning so now my wife thinks I've purchased a lemon and she's being a little mean to my jeep. Can anyone give me any...
  3. TJ General Discussion
    Got the last problem solved. She runs correctly again :) Next. 1. The a/c does not blow cold. Dont tell me I dont need no damn air conditioner to just take the top off. You obviously don't live in Texas. I went without an a/c all last summer, with out a top on and let me tell you, THAT CRAP...
  4. YJ General Discussion
    I know that many times these words are oxy morons(cant have one if you have the other), but if it works for the Jumb Shrimps, it works for me: What is the Safest, Fastest, Easiest way to change out leaf springs on a YJ?
  5. JK General Discussion
    2010 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (stock suspension/tires) Took my Jeep in for oil/rotation on Jan '10 and asked the mechanic to check a shimmy I was feeling in the steering. When I picked up the Jeep, I was told it was fine. Fast forward three months. I'd contnued to observe the shimmy and louder...
21-25 of 25 Results