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  1. JK Technical Discussion
    Yesterday I was replacing a faulty crankshaft position sensor and while doing it, the screw got broken and is inside the housing. I know there's a way to get it out using a left-hand drill but there's almost no space there. I've been thinking about gluing the bolt just so I can take the jeep to...
  2. TJ General Discussion
    Hey y'all, I need some help. I'm pretty sure the size of the screws to hold the rear tail light covers are a size 7 and 3/4L. The problem I'm having is finding them. Went to ACE, LOWES and nothing. They have them in stainless but I want to stay true to the Jeep and get them in black. Anyone know...
  3. JK Technical Discussion
    Looking to find where I can purchase online the screws used for the windshield brackets. They are black with the star configuration. Thank you.
  4. TJ Technical Discussion
    Hi guys. I am installing at Subwoofer center console in my '04 Wrangler. There are a couple screws that attach through the rear two cup holders. Here's a picture: That shows the top and bottom. Any help finding the right screws/bolts would be GREATLY...
  5. TJ Technical Discussion
    All of the star bolts holding my tailgate hinges are stripped so I tried to drill them out and use an extractor but I broke off two extractors. Now the bolt is too hard to even drill through with the hardened extractor broke off in it. Lesson learned. How would a professional get this out?
  6. YJ Technical Discussion
    Last night I got a spare tire bracket for my YJ (Came off of a TJ). But the guy couldn't remember where he put the screws (The ones that hold the bracket to the Jeep). Does anyone know the size of those screws? (Or where I can find that information?)
1-6 of 6 Results