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seat brackets
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  1. TJ General Discussion Forum
    I put the Misch Big Boy brackets in my TJ today. WOW! Should have been my first add on! I'm 6'2" and was pretty comfortable in my TJ with the stock seat position. But for longer drives and with no cruise control I would find my right foot getting cramped. Plus later this year I am...
  2. JK General Discussion Forum
    looking to extend driver seat back a few inches. I know you can get the Big Boy brackets, but I think they are a little to much money for what they are. I had seen someone else had some brackets for a lot less. Need to fit 2011 2 door Jk
  3. Classifieds Archive
    Have a brand new cj yj driver seat riser and slider set from bestop never used brand new Part Number: 51253 and 51255 125$
  4. YJ Tech Forum
    Hey guys - I'm really sorry if there is a thread for this already. I did do a search but it didn't show what I'm talking about (or what I think I'm talking about anyway). My lil 88 wrangler was setup for this guys daughter and she's like 5' nothing.. I'm 6'2 and the seat was jammed ALL THE WAY...
  5. YJ General Discussion Forum
    :punk::punk::punk: I got my new seats in today. Smittybilt black denim. Front and back and middle console. Are these pretty simple to install? Do you install onto frame or do they send a new frame also? Thanks!! Also, can I strap in my sons front facing car seat in the back "tumble" seat?
1-5 of 5 Results