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  1. JKU - Rear Passenger Seat Not Folding

    JK Tech Forum
    When pulling the latch to fold the rear passenger-side seat forward, the latch is stuck. The latch on the rear driver-side seat works fine. I have gone under the seat to make sure nothing is stuck and looked through out the rear seat to ensure nothing is blocking / stuck. The issues seems to...
  2. TJ Seat Rattle

    TJ Tech Forum
    I have a 1997 Jeep Wrangler Sport. It has the original seats, in great shape, in it still. The one problem I am having is that there is a rubber bushing for the rail slides that has degraded and broken off. I know that's where the rattle is coming from, but haven't been able to either find a...
  3. Upgrading Seats

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Any recommendation about upgrading the seats on my 14' 2-drs JK. Wife have been complaining for awhile now about the seat and how uncomfortable it is during long road trip and I am just thinking about replacing the passenger...and no I am not going to upgrade the wife. She is a keeper.
  4. Adding a 3rd Row to a YJ

    YJ General Discussion Forum
    Howdy! I want to add a 3rd row to a 1989 YJ. I am thinking about buying it and want to have 6 people in it when we go into the mountains for very light off roading adventures in CO. Have you seen this done and how do I go about doing it? Thanks!
  5. Passenger Seat Slider missing peice

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hello everyone, I am a new member but long time user of this forum and I have a problem I was hoping someone could answer. My passenger seat slider is broken, the bar that you pull to move front and back gets "dislodged". Upon further inspection I noticed that on one side of the seat track, the...
  6. Anyone installed sweet seats from other vehicles?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I was looking at the prices for seat covers and thought, "I could buy old Cadillac seats for this price". Then it hit me, what if I COULD buy old Cadillac seats for that price? Mainly I was looking for vinyl/leather to keep the dog hair off, but if it would be easy to swap in a Grand Cherokee...
  7. Stock Seat Height

    YJ General Discussion Forum
    Hey all, this should be an easy one. I need the stock seat height from the front and rear of the front seats. I have Corbeau Baja recliners and they sit way too high on stock risers. Bought the Corbeau risers and they are absolutely terrible and still too high :atomic: Now that the weather is...
  8. 2004 LJ Seat Replacement Options

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    The seats in my '04 LJ are terribly uncomfortable. I really want to replace them but I HAVE to retain the fold/tumble/slide forward feature to access the back seat. My seats have the lever up high on the seat back. It's my understanding I might lose this feature with most replacement seats...
  9. Fix your broken Fold and Tumble function!

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    Broken Seat Track Cable Repair Jeep TJ Wrangler Passenger Seat (1997-2002 models) These are steps to replace a broken seat track cable in a ‘97-’02 Wrangler. Yours may be broken if your seat will not tilt and fold when you pull the nylon strap on the seat back. Tools needed: -Ratcheting Wrench...
  10. O’Reilly racing seats in a TJ?

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    So... while making the rounds at my local auto parts stores for “that one part you need, but nobody has in stock” I wandered into an O’Reilly store. They had these seats sitting on top of the drink machine...
  11. Georgia Bestop Seat Covers

    Classifieds Archive
    Like new set of TJ/LJ Bestop Seat Covers. I will be going to aftermarket seats soon and no longer need these. Located in Atlanta. $100 OBO; will ship on buyers dime.
  12. Seat upholstery patch/repair kit

    General Jeep Discussion
    Has anyone tried one of the numerous upholstery patch/repair kits available on line? I have a 2009 JK with a tear in the drivers side seat - the rest of the seats are pristine. (and yes, I have looked at seat covers; and yes, I have researched local shops that specialize in upholstery repair...
  13. bad seat color

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Am I the only one that doesn't like the black seats and interior? I bought my jeep to use in the desert in Baja California. Have the designers ever used a jeep in the desert? Black is the worst color for absorbing heat. The steering wheel gets really hot.Yep, I put on a steering wheel cover...
  14. 2003 Jeep Wrangler - front seats swap?

    TJ Tech Forum
    I have a 2003 wrangler sport and the drivers side seat is a little soft from years of use. I was wondering if any of you know if I can just swap the passenger seat with the drivers seat with no other changes required? Basically a seat swap with no issues? Appreciate the advice.
  15. WTB: JK Rear Bench Seat

    Classifieds Archive
    Looking for a reasonably priced 2 door jk rear foldable bench seat.
  16. Seat covers - OPINIONS NEEDED

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I have a red 2014 Sahara unlimited. Looking at getting some 2 toned seat covers (black and red). The question is, get 2 toned for both front and back, or just the front and get all black for the back?
  17. $99 Smittybilt Seat Sale

    Morris 4x4 Center
    Smittybilt Vinyl Seats Marked Down to $99.99 Now - March 31st 2016 Standard Front Seat - Low Back Bucket Seat
  18. Front Drive Shaft

    TJ Tech Forum
    So around 50+ mph I felt violent vibration underneath my seat. I Found out that my u-joints where bad but I'm wondering if my DS is actually bent. Lifted the front end of the jeep and I rotated the front tires, I observed the DS moving in a weird wavy undulation pattern. I'm wondering if that...
  19. Replace TJ seat with JK seat or something comparable?

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    Hello everyone, my question is simple, I(my lower back) would like to find a better, more supportive seat solution for my TJ. I felt the seat in my buddy's JK and it seemed worlds more comfortable and supportive than mine and I'm wondering if any of you have swapped TJ seats for JK seats or...
  20. Georgia TJ front and rear seat covers

    Classifieds Archive
    I've got a set of Camo Front and rear seat covers for sale. They will fit any 2003+ TJ or LJ. These are some of the best fitting seat covers I've seen. There in great shape with no rips, tears, or stains. Also included are camo sun visor covers and a console lid cover. For fastest response email...