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  1. Colorado Jeep Forum
    New to this forum, I am a Toyota guy personally but I recently purchased the 90’ yj that my grandpa owned since it was brand new. It’s a higher mileage 2.5 that needs some general maintenance and an inspection of the 4 inch lift that I recently slapped together on it. Anyone know any shops that...
  2. JK Tech Forum
    First time here, so apologies if this doesn't belong in this forum, but i'm looking for a good mechanic that is going to do the job and not charge extravagant amount like the dealer. I have bunch of services needed on my 2014 JKU, mostly the transmission services. Hoping some nice folks here...
  3. Florida Jeep Forum
    Hi folks, I'm looking for a shop to do a pre-purchase inspection on a TJ in the Delray Beach / Boca Raton area. I'm limited on the range I'm allowed to take the car, and I don't know any shops in their radius. Anybody here know of a place?
  4. JK General Discussion Forum
    Hello all. First-time poster, long-time reader. I recently had my '09 JKU-X 42RLE auto transmission rebuilt at 115K due to a lack of torque converter lock-up & internal failure. I went with a "reputable" local shop that specializes in 4x4/Jeep work & they said it needed complete rebuild as...
  5. JK General Discussion Forum
    I live in the south suburbs of Chicago (mokena, new lenox, orland park, tinley park area) and I'm wondering if anyone knows of any places that would help with a re-gear/locker ARB install? Figured I would like to get some personal recommendations instead of just calling around. Thanks in advance.
  6. Kentucky Jeep Forum
    Anyone know of any trustworthy and capable shops in the Louisville area to install a E-locker and regear my TJ's D30? I'm going to order an 8.8 already built and geared out. Just need someone to do my front end. Thanks guys!
  7. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Does anyone know a trustworthy engine repair shop in Fort Worth Texas? Need my engine fixed soon, given it's a daily driver but I've called a lot of places and everyone keeps telling me they don't work on engine. If you, please help! thanks
  8. New Jersey Jeep Forum
    Hi all, does anyone have any good recs on a shop to go to in northern NJ for a lift, new wheels & tires, and possible regear?
  9. General Jeep Discussion
    I am gonna tell you a story you won't believe. I had a "respected???" repair shop do major damage to my 1979 CJ. I have to go to sleep first, my eyes burning. But I need a Gears Expert Mechanic(Trans-Turbo 400, Dana 20 case, drive shafts,)---- Near Atlantic Highlands. (General Area exit 109...
  10. Texas Jeep Forum
    I have a 2000 jeep wrangler sport. I need some work done on it (ball joints, u joints control arms) and I need to know of a good shop in houston. Please let me know what y'all think
  11. Florida Jeep Forum
    I just moved down to the Fort Myers area a few months ago and have recently purchased a 2015 Unlimited Sport. I am looking to add a lift, new wheels, and tires soon. Can anyone recommend a good shop? Thanks
  12. Illinois Jeep Forum
    hello hello hello ........ I'm looking for a local shop in northwest chicago suburbs that can do the re gearing for my jeep . Suggestions .... ready.... go !!
  13. Alaska Jeep Forum
    I've looked at multiple places to purchase my lift, wheels, tires. Everywhere seems to charge an arm and a leg to ship to Alaska. Quadratec, Morris 4x4 Center. Does anyone know of any places that are cheaper to get items up to Alaska?
  14. Alaska Jeep Forum
    I live in Eagle river, so does anyone know of any 4x4 shops around the anchorage/wasilla area? I'm looking at getting a lift installed along with new driveshafts, gears, etc. Anyone have a preference? And also what type of lifts the shop carries. (JK Wrangler) TIA
  15. Texas Jeep Forum
    Can someone recommend a reliable radiator repair/replacement shop in the Austin-San Marcos area where a young friend might take her 2004 Wrangler TJ Sahara for quality work? She's headed out on a road trip and the last shop just gave it a 'lick and a promise' and sent her on her way...radiator...
  16. SouthWest Regional Forum
    I'm looking for a good (quality) shop to do a regear/ rebuild on my rear tj d44 axle in phoenix. Any suggestions?
  17. General Jeep Discussion
    Does anyone know of any garages/shops in Massachusetts (Pref near-ish to Boston) where I can get a snorkel installed? I am not mechanically inclined, so that is not an option and I want to be able to take it back to a place if there are any problems with it. Basically I want to do all sorts of...
  18. JK General Discussion Forum
    I'm from Toronto, but visiting family in the Michigan area. Looking to install a few parts while i'm there for a few days. Parts: - AEV snorkel - Front Driveshaft Any recommended shops in the area? (Preferably open on a Saturday) Cheers, P.
  19. North Carolina Jeep Forum
    Anyone recommend a good muffler shop? I'm in Greensboro but willing to go to W-S or HP. I'm looking to buy a Thrush muffler and need someone to weld it on for me (and do any fabraication like additional piping or anything.) Thanks!!!
  20. New Jersey Jeep Forum
    Alright Gang, Im going to be in Highlands NJ shortly, And It's time for a lift/tires but first a re-gear. Where do you go when you need a shop? Seems like the few shops I've found in NJ using google, are all in the $2200-$2500. Going from 3.21-4.88, but Going through the forum, seems...
1-20 of 25 Results