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  1. Classifieds Archive- move sold/expired ads here
    I bought this for my 2016 JKUR but never got around to installing it. I no longer have the Jeep, so I'd like to pass this along. I paid almost $1700 for the system with tax, so save some money and buy mine instead of ordering new. You can text at 760 four 01 57five4
    $1,300 USD
  2. JL Build Forum
    First add is a M.O.R.E. oil pan / transmission skid plate (transmission bar is gone)! Next up MORE sway-bar skid plate. Purchased their transfer skid plate but a design issue arrised due to the e-Torque system! There's a bracket that attaches the battery case mounted behind Jeep's transfer case...
  3. JK General Discussion
    What would you say are the most important skid plates to add to a stock 2018 JKU, and in what order, if you could only purchase one at a time? (Already have rock rails/nerf bars/whatever you want to call them)
  4. Rancho Suspension
    Rancho's Front Dana 44 and Dana 30 differential Glide Plate for the Jeep Wrangler JL mounts to the front axle casting, and allows for a much smoother glide over obstacles forward and backwards. The Glide Plate protects your differential casting from direct contact in severe offroad...
  5. Classifieds Archive- move sold/expired ads here
    I'm selling this BRAND NEW Rock Hard Oil Pan Skid. I went to install it and it doesn't work with my Dana 60 front axle. I've had it too long to return it and already threw out the box. This has never been on the Jeep in use. Only when I tired to initially install it. For pickup only in South...
  6. JK General Discussion
    Hello, I am outfitting my Wrangler JK 2017 with skid plates, and do not understand the difference between Front vs Sway Bar skid plates, if any? Do they also protect the front differential, or is that a different item? Trying to decide on the most protection possible (rocks). TIA.
  7. JK Technical Discussion
    Installed the Quadratec aluminium skid plates kit with the exception of the fuel tank plate. Very well made fit like a glove and easy install by yourself. I like the way the engine plate has nice big access door for oil change. The new crossmembers are very well made so atta boy for nice kit...
  8. YJ Technical Discussion
    Any Tips or Tricks will be appreciated!!? Emptying tank completely this am but trying to reinstall the tank&skid plate the tail pipe is in the way. Driving me crazy trying to figure out how to get it out of the way for reinstall!!
  9. JK Technical Discussion
    So my build has finally progressed to the point where i feel like it (and I) am "ready" to finally take on the Rubicon. As such, i'm trying to determine if there are any additional skid plates or undercarriage protection that i should add before heading out. Per my other string...
  10. TJ General Discussion
    I tried to remove the skid plates from my jeep to trouble shoot and issue but I had to stop. I noticed that the transfer case starting to move down with the skid plate. I had a floor jack supporting the skid plate just to make sure everything would not come crashing down. Since I could not tell...
  11. JK Technical Discussion
    New to offloading but have been a few times with a friend and want to go all in. I traded in my little GTI for a 2016 Rubicon AT with 4.1 AR added 2 days ago and now i'm jumper into the mods. I'm thinking of starting with a lift kit, skid plates, slides on the sides, and then bumpers and a...
  12. JK Technical Discussion
    Hi all, I love my River Raider skid package. Unfortunately my 2013 JKUR has a sick oil pump. Warranty, but jerk dealer wont remove the oil pan skid. Anyone know if you have to take them all off (please tell me no!) to get the front one off? I haven't yet had a chance to roll around in the Spring...
  13. JK Technical Discussion
    Hey Guys I wanna give everyone my 2 cents on the JCR Engine Skid Plate I installed on my 08 JKU... I was looking for a new skid plate because My driveshaft was being scored with the stock skid My stock skid took some beatings and thought it might be time to get some oil pan protection. I was...
  14. JK General Discussion
    I added one of these 106n valves, then saw it was hanging a little low. IMG_3834 by Reed Rothchild, on Flickr So I looked at Skids, considered Rock Hard, Artec, the ARB Oil pan skid but it's only for lifted Jeeps. Then decided to go with a local fab shop in Montreal called Frogfab. Made an...
  15. JK General Discussion
    Skid Plates - Complete System (4 door JK) Let's make this a product thread for this skid system. Could people who have installed this package list some pros and cons, add some pictures, or give tips on installation?
  16. JK General Discussion
    I just bought a bunch of skid plates to cover my wrangler practically bumper to bumper. do i need spacers or bump stops or any kind of cushioning agent to prevent the suspension from bottoming out when I'm on the trail? I know a quality lift is optimal but I cant afford that at this time, any...
  17. JK General Discussion
    I'm trying to figure out where to purchase some prefabricated skid-plates for my 09 JKU with a rubicon long-arm lift. This is posing to be a problem. Thanks in advance! M
  18. JK General Discussion
    So we did it. We've had a 13 stock rubi for a few months now. The owner is a complete nutcase when it comes to protecting the truck and keeping her new. He wanted to wheel tho. First mod? Synergy's 3/16 inch steel heavy duty skid plate system. The thing was a BREEZE to install. check my...
1-18 of 19 Results