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  1. Smittybilt Secure Lock Box

    Lock Box and Sleeve
  2. Smittybilt Secure Lock Box

    Installing Smittybilt Secure Lock Box
  3. Smittybilt Secure Lock Box

    Installing Smittybilt Secure Lock Box
  4. General Jeep Discussion
    I am installing Smittybilt Secure Lock Boxes. Here are some pix from the web. I will try to post some when I get into the job.
  5. JK Technical Discussion
    Ok, so I have ordered a set of smittybuilt SRC Tubular doors. They have a latching system similar to the factory latch. I am wondering if anyone knows a way that you could get another factory wiring harness for the door and run it to the latch to make the AMP Research steps as they work with...
  6. JK General Discussion
    Hey guys, new to the forum. Got a 15 JKU Rubi im working on. Bought the Smittybilt Gen2 Rear with the tire carrier. Bumper went on without much issue other than those terrible instructions... Tire carriers now on but when I mounted the spare tire and torqued down the lugs I feel the tires...
  7. JK General Discussion
    Has anyone recently installed the Smittybilt SRC roof rack specifically on a jku? All the reviews I can find on it are from 2010/11 and I'm just curious if quality control has improved at all (most reviews are 1-2 stars and extreme haters of Smittybilt)... I'm just looking to maximize my...
  8. JK General Discussion
    Hey guys! I sold my 2009 JK (sad day), and just bought a 2014 JKU! This thing is completely stock, so now I get to start the build! I'm looking to get some seat covers, and right now the Smittybilt G.E.A.R. Custom Fit Seat Covers (pics included below) are looking pretty awesome. They're...
  9. TJ General Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm looking into getting my stock 28" tire off the rear and throw on my new 33. I'm looking at two tire carriers that are both from Crown, the original Warn design on because its the only place to get it, but I don't know how their customer service is if I have a...
  10. JK General Discussion
    I'm picking up the Smittybilt XRC Body Armor Fenders for my '11 Wrangler JKU Rubicon. . Just curious if anybody has ever done this installation before and can give me some hints? I've done quite a bit of looking around and some people say its difficult, some others say its easy. I appreciate...
  11. JK General Discussion
    I have my 2016 JK Hard Rock coming in this week. I just bought a smittybilt XRC 9.5K winch. I have a few questions: 1. Will this winch fit in the bumper? 2. If so, what winch plate do I use? 3. Are there any other pieces I need to fully install this winch? Thanks for your help. Jon
  12. TJ General Discussion
    In the market for a winch for my tj and seriously considering an x20 smittybilt 10k . Any thoughts on this? Anyone have experience with these winches care to shed some light?
21-33 of 110 Results