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    $120 - automatic billet mirror movers, non heated, non electric - these replace the stock mirrors completely and can be used with the doors on or off, it relocates the mirror mount to the frame of the windshield and keeps the stock mirror type in the stock mirror position - you don't lose the...
  2. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Long time owner of wranglers. Had 8 or so over the years. Never had one 'built' for off-roading. I am looking at purchasing a 98 Sahara. Everything on the jeep is fantastic - except it has a snorkel. I don't need it, nor do I like the way it looks. Comes up the side - hockey puck sized...
  3. JK General Discussion Forum
    Jeep Peoples, I have a question...Does anyone know of a bolt-on snorkel option for the JK that does not have a giant piece of plastic protruding from the hood which attaches somewhere up on the windshield. I am looking for a CAI/Snorkel set-up that is similar to what is found on the HMMWV i.e...
  4. JK General Discussion Forum
    I want to add a snorkel onto my 2017 Unlimited Rubicon Hard Rock...I love the integrated look of the Wild Boar Snorkel, so that's the direction I'm leaning (Especially since it's on sale for $195). Has anyone here ever used one? Any recommendations, for or against it? Thanks! Wild Boar Snorkel
  5. JK Pics Forum
    Does anyone have a snorkel that works with the KC light bar pictured below? FYI, I can't run the RR Exped. snorkel due to a dual battery setup.
  6. TJ Tech Forum
    I found a related YJ thread with a different solution on this forum and other people looking to do something similar for TJs elsewhere on the Internet, but no satisfying answers. I came up with my own bolt-on solution for TJs. For a while, I used mirrors that I could insert into my door...
  7. JK General Discussion Forum
    Hi! I know this is a stupid question, but I am thinking on getting one of them… I use my Jeep for both… Offroad but mainly highway/city… Im stuck between these two cause I absolutely love the noise that comes out of the engine with a good CAI, but I really don't wanna risk it with the whole...
  8. JK Tech Forum
    Hi, Has anyone tried to run the AEV snorkel and MetalCloak Overline fenders with success? Looking at the AEV FAQ's, it makes me wonder if the two would coexist in my build with the MC's? Snorkel Kit FAQ "Will the AEV Snorkel work with aftermarket fender flares or fenders? The AEV...
  9. JK Tech Forum
    So i've been looking at snorkels and I really like the the Rugged Ridge XHD Snorkel. I won't be a regular deep water guy or anything, its just more of a what if scenario (I've already raised my breathers ect). I've been poking around watching installation videos and everything and it got me...
  10. JK General Discussion Forum
    Hey Guys, Anybody buy this? Any feedback on how you like it and/or pictures would be great. Also how is the install, is it a do it yourself job or best done at a shop? The other question I have is I currently have windshield lights installed using the rugged ridge mount brackets, will...
  11. JK Tech Forum
    I have a 2012 jeep wrangler unlimited, I guess you cant install a 7-11 snorkel kit, but I want to know if someone has done this or not, please help me with this.
  12. JK Tech Forum
    I see people with snorkels on their JK's all the time. What is the purpose of them? Is there some legitimately good reason to install one, and if so, what is it?
  13. 94 Yj

    havin Fun out there
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    havin Fun out there
  15. 94 Yj

    havin Fun out there
  16. YJ General Discussion Forum
    Has anyone tried routing the engine air intake through the air dam? I was thinking about rigging a snorkel in the center and putting a high flow type filter hood level with air being supplied to both the engine and heater from a single intake. Any thoughts if this would work or just crazy talk?
  17. JK Tech Forum
    I got the 2nd Gen AEV snorkel for my 2012 jkr. Here is a advertising picture. Theinstructions say to keep the drain holes in the bottom of the airbox unless your doing some serious stuff. I'm thinking of plugging it up to be on the safer side. The design of the air ram should prevent almost...
  18. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Custom cowl (semi waterproof/cold) air intake for jeep 2.4 2003-2006 SE TJ models Current setup is a 3inch hole drilled into the rear of the stock airbox witha flex tube to the 3inch howl into the cowl. cut off and sealed front of stock box. Now it works as is but I feel I get hesitation at a...
  19. JK General Discussion Forum
    I've been waiting for the Rugged Ridge Modular XHD Snorkel to be released for the 2012 JKU since I got my Jeep last year. This past week I got the heads up from Jacob at Omix-ada that it was finally instock and shipping to resellers. I found a good deal on and placed my order only to...
1-19 of 52 Results