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  1. JL General Discussion
    Tommy Mica takes his bone-stock, manual transmission 2021 Willys Sport through 10 inches of snow. The Jeep is pretty basic, but came standard with BFG KM2 MTs and rear LSD. It does very well. Looks like a lot of fun, too.
  2. JK General Discussion
    Hey everyone. I"ve read a couple forum posts regarding replacing the god awful sealed beam headlights that the JKU's have (I have a 2013 sahara). Now that I've had Ghost for a few months, I 100% agree, these things are garbage. My bumper fog lights are brighter. Here's the thing, and I hope...
  3. JK General Discussion
    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all you party people! I'm curious what everybody is doing with their jeeps when the snow falls and the ground freezes? I haven't been able to find any good spots for responsible wheeling in the snow, so I'm trying to find ways to occupy my...
  4. YJ Technical Discussion
    Hi Everybody, Long time lurker, first time poster. You all have provided a wealth of knowledge which has allowed me to enjoy my first year of Jeep ownership. I've gotten good answers and solid advice on a variety of issues I've had with my hand-me-down 1990 YJ 4.2L. But I find today that I...
  5. JK General Discussion
    Hi guys, noobie here. Running a 2009 Rubi. Glad to have you all as a resource. I will be moving to NH soon and have a pretty steep 17 degree? driveway. I have searched and read a bunch (thank you) and still wonder. You guys all repeat Blizzacks and others, but I haven't read about Nokias...
  6. Xmas Day 2017

    Heading out to wheel in the Cascade Mountains
  7. Jeep's Little Friend.

    Jeep in snow. How to get in a jeep?)
  8. Jeep, Snow, Lights.

    Jeep, snow, lights.
  9. Where's My Jeep?

    There was at least 6" of snow that morning, I measured it at the time but can't remember now. It was a great day. :-) Drive to work was fun as heck, and so beautiful. Snow makes everything better.
  10. Snow Fun!

    One of my favorite pics from last year. Co-worker and I went wheeling in last winter's snow. We found between 6-12", depending on where we were. This pic was in about 6" of snow. We had a GREAT time!
  11. JK General Discussion
    Fellow Jeepers, I have a stressful job, very stressful. It has been building and tieing knots in my time and attitude. Well I live in New England, it has been snowing here a bit. On my way to work, I snapped... too much stress. I pointed my jku towards the plow drift on the side of the road...
  12. JK General Discussion
    Looking for input: still winter at home here in Colorado, but road-tripping out to Death Valley next week for the trails. Currently have set of Blizzak-DM-V2s on. Should I swap back to "regular" for this trip (which would require me to put snow tires BACK on again for a second swap upon return)...
  13. JK General Discussion
    Hi all, Can anyone comment on if the JW Speaker Evolution J headlights freeze over in snowy and icy conditions? I have done a lot of reading on LED and JW Speaker headlights in general, some say they do freeze over and others say they do not. I was hoping to learn from those that have...
  14. JK General Discussion
    I have a 2010 JK. I bought it in May (2016) and it came with a 4" Rough Country Lift, 20" alloy rims, and 35" M/T's. Well, I just found out the hard way that my tires are awful in the snow. I want to get new tires, but I'm thinking about getting new rims too - something that will give me a few...
  15. Tires & Wheels
    Hello fellow Jeepers, I've been reading on that forum for quite a while and today I shall make my first post! I have searched a lot on this forum for examples of "real winter Jeep" but didn't really find what I was looking for. I live in Montreal/Quebec where we get temperatures around...
  16. JK General Discussion
    Hey all, We had our first snowfall today and I was able to try my 315/70/17 KO2s in it for the first time. So far, they weren't great. Had a hard time getting started, and cornering with or without throttle was giving me oversteer / sliding. I once drove a similar JKU with 35-inch M/Ts on...
  17. TJ General Discussion
    So I bought a used-rebuilt 2002 Wrangler. I love it, I really do. It was perfect until a week later when everything started to fall apart. Its a soft top, green and tan. So after months I found a used hardtop from a friend of a friend but it doesn't have a back window, the guy charged me $300...
1-17 of 78 Results