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spacer lift
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  1. JL Technical Discussion
    I bought my 2018 JLU Sport with a 2” spacer lift on it. I’ve done a number of mods, including upgrading from 33” all terrain tires to recently adding 35“ mud tires. I've been contemplating doing the 2.5” Teraflex suspension lift, but I wonder if I need to do it. The spacer lift seems to be...
  2. TJ General Discussion
    Can i combine them? what problems am i facing if i do it? never paid attention until i started to work installing the 4" suspension lift kit
  3. JK Technical Discussion
    i recently added a TF 2.5" lift with rancho 5000 shocks to my jku and have 33" wheels. i wouldnt mind it being a little higher so was wondering if i can add spacers for another inch of lift. if so, would i need to make any other changes or additions? Thanks Darren
  4. JK Technical Discussion
    Does anyone make coil spacers that ad .5" to .75" lift front and back? I have a 2.5" coil lift on a 2 door but i've added bumpers, winch, rails that I think have taken away some height so I want a little more lift without going a full inch so I don't get into any driveline issues.
  5. TJ General Discussion
    Hi guys, I want to do around a 3inch lift on my 2004 Wrangler X and wanted some advice on lift kit choices.. Some people have said go with spacer lift and some with suspension... Please Help!
  6. TJ General Discussion
    This is just driving me crazy specially that everyone advice you something different from the other, I have 1999 Jeep TJ and planning to install 33/12.5/15 tires. A friend of mine who has similar jeep model told me 2" spacer lift kit with 1" body lift should be more than enough. I spoke to our...
  7. TJ General Discussion
    So I'm interested in bringing my '01 TJ up a couple inches, but don't know enough about the differences in using spacers or getting a lift kit? I understand the spacers are the cheaper way to go, but can anyone give me some pros and cons to each of these options? Thanks!
  8. JK General Discussion
    Before I begin, I realize that what I'm about to type out has absolutely been covered multiple times... in fact, consider this me being admittedly lazy yet curious. :deadhorse: - a guy doing something dirty to a horse This forum has essentially crushed my dreams of having a JKU with 35's and...
  9. TJ General Discussion
    Currently I have a Skyjacker 2" spacer lift on my 2005 TJ. Ive been looking at Rough country's 2.5" Progressive Spring Susp. lift (Jeep TJ Suspension Lift Kit) and I was curious if i could combine the two. Would I need to include the shocks when i purchase the 2.5" progressive lift , or would...
  10. JK General Discussion
    Ok guys. . this is my 2nd jeep but the first im doing any mods to. . any input on a full suspension lift vs. a 2.5 spacer and shocks. . daily driver and only off roading maybe once a month. . want the rugged look but really am seeking other jeep owners with either of these mods have to say about...
  11. JK General Discussion
    i have been looking on doing a body lift on my X model only about a 1 inch lift this is my daily driver and i dont want much lift. i plan on putting 32" tires on and i want a small lift and it appears that the most efficient way would be a 1 inch spacer. can anyone give me some feedback on this?
  12. TJ General Discussion
    Hey guys, I know this is a noob question, but I was browsing through some suspension upgrades, lifts and such and I noticed something called a spacer lift. I was wondering what is a spacer lift and are they worth the money or should I just save for the real thing?:confused:
1-12 of 12 Results