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  1. 2016 Wrangler Speakers

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hello All, New here and I did a search before posting this and couldn't locate the information I need. My question is - Does anyone have a link or info on what ALL speaker sizes are in the 2016 Wrangler JK less optional sub woofer as my model didnt come with it. I wanted to gather a list of...
  2. Any problems w/ premium audio speakers?

    JL Wrangler Technical Discussion
    In April I bought a 2018 Wrangler JL leftover Sahara with premium audio. It has two 2 decent sized speakers up front on the dash. The left one vibrates, giving a buzzing noise but only when females are talking on talk-radio. It is noticeable only every now and then but is super-annoying. The...
  3. Speaker upgrade

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I'm wanting to add some speakers to my jeep for highs and midrange and wanted to get some opinions on what people have or have used. I'm looking at the JKU speaker pods that hold a 6 inch speaker and tweeter that mounts behind the passenger headrest or possible going with some of the wakeboard...
  4. CB External Speaker Dash Install

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    Hey y'all. I've tried searching with no luck. Here is my question: I am wanting to install an external cb speaker in my dash in place of the ash tray. Has anybody done this and if so, is there a specific speaker you recommend and what I should expect? Any help is appreciated! Thanks guys.
  5. Help installing stereo amp and speakers

    TJ Tech Forum
    2004 wrangler. I dont know anything about stereos. Got a good deal on the equipment, not sure if i should bother trying to install all thia on my own or not. Bought replacement 4x6s, 5 1/4s, marine grade stereo, and a little powerpack amo i was told will fit in the dash. Anyone aware if there's...
  6. New CD/DVD Receiver & Speaker upgrade recommendations?

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    Any suggestions for speaker/subwoofer upgrades for the rollbars, center console, and front dash speakers with more bass and/or clear sound? My center console subs are blown. Also are there any CD or DVD receiever upgrade recommendations? Just looking for bluetooth capability and sound...
  7. Subwoofer Box for Tuffy Series II Speaker/Storage Security Console

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    I purchased the Tuffy Series II Speaker/Storage Security Console and want to install an aftermarket 8 inch subwoofer in the console. Wanted to find out if I need to build a subwoofer box (with subwoofer) and then install in the console or just put the subwoofer in the console have the console...
  8. Your best audio, speaker, amp, and stereo recommendations

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I'm on my second JK, a new 2017 Sahara 2 door. You guessed it. I'm ready to rip out the Mopar 450N and sell it to any one of the suckers on eBay who bids higher than the secret blind resrve of $500. What are you best recommendations and tips for designing a high quality audio system? I...
  9. Installing 03 sounds pods in 97 TJ

    TJ Tech Forum
    I have a 97 TJ and I bought some used 03-06 speakers (the ones in the pic). I am looking to installing them in the rig. I discovered that the centre sports bar has a plastic cover on the rear side. The fabric cover is bigger so it can accomodate the sports bar + plastic cover, so taking it...
  10. How can i tell if my jeep has a factory amp and wired for a sub?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    How can i tell if my jeep has a factory amp and wired for a sub? I opened the plastic in the passenger rear and these are the plugs i found does anyone know if it has a factory amp and wired for a factory sub? i like the stock look and found an alpine factory sub for a good price. Does anyone...
  11. Audio suggestions for a 2009 JKU with Infinity system

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hi all! I just bought a used 2009 JKU this past week, and I am wanting to upgrade the current audio system... which has seen upgrades at some point already. This JKU has the Infinity system but currently has a Pioneer DEH-150MP head unit. I've purchased a Pioneer AVH-X2800BS touchscreen to...
  12. Tweeter Upgrade and Angled Mount for 2015 JK

    JK General Discussion Forum
    New Jeep owner here, I’ve spent literally hours scouring the internet for all things Jeep related, especially must-do upgrades. I came across the Kicker speaker upgrade threads and pulled the trigger on the 77KICK10 for the front and soundbar. I also disconnected the 3.5” speakers in the...
  13. California Kicker SWRA211 Sub Woofer

    Classifieds Archive
    You want bass? This WILL give you mass bass. Kicker sub for 2012+ Jeeps. $699 new. $400 used. Includes sub, all wiring harnesses, sub amp. Also includes Kicker 4 channel amp. Locks into your rear seat bracket. FIRM. Pick-up only. Corona. KICKER | SWRA211
  14. Speaker Upgrade

    TJ Tech Forum
    So I bought myself a set of Kicker speakers for my jeep, somehow overlooking the fact that the PO had already installed Alpine's into the soundbar and dash. The dash speakers sounded bad so I replaced them with the new kickers, however I am lost with what I should do for the soundbar. Here are...
  15. Rear speaker bar wires

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    Hey I know this question has been asked before, however the thread is several years old and dead. I finally got a radio for my TJ this christmas and decided to purchase the rear speaker bar as well, however I can not find the rear speaker wires, I know they are there, they are in the bundle...
  16. Wiring for Front Dash Speakers Missing?

    TJ Tech Forum
    I recently purchased a 1999 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. I am looking to replace the speakers and am only noticing my sound bar having speakers. When I opened up the front dash sections where my front speakers should be I found nothing but the empty bracket that should hold two front speakers. After...
  17. Seeking Rear speaker pod grill

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Looking for a round plastic speaker grill for the rear speaker pod on a 2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. I will pay well for one... they are not made anymore. Thanks so much. BTW... if you do the Quadratec Kicker speaker upgrade... the round grills that come with the speakers do not fit!
  18. Replace Speakers in 2014 JK - Very Simple Procedure

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I have to say, I was a little intimidated about the removal of the dash to get to the drivers side mid bass speaker after speaking with Crutchfield and other installers. After I got started, the rave they created about it being difficult was not true. Simply put, here are the steps I took (by...
  19. CB PA help

    Communications and Electronics
    Hey guys I was given a Uniden PRO505XL CB radio with a Pyle 15W PA speaker as sortof a Christmas present when my buddy upgraded to a new truck and better CB setup. I've connected the CB to the PA a while back but now that it's getting warmer i'd like to mount it more permanantly than it is now...
  20. Do i need adapters? 2009 speaker upgrade

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hey folks. First post. I'm the very proud owner of my first ever Jeep, a 2009 4dr Sport Unlimited in black. I live in the UK (Scotland) and these beauties are very rare so i'm quite pleased with mine. Only issue i have (for now) is the audio. A cheap aftermarket Double Din stereo is already...