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sport cage

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  1. JK Pics Forum
    So I just ordered the Rock Hard 4x4 sport cage for my 2010 JK. Should be here in a few days. I was hoping others would post pictures of their cages installed so I can get some idea's on how to paint it. I have a Mango Tango JK and was thinking of going that color but wasn't sure if it would...
  2. YJ General Discussion
    Looking for some advice on whether to just keep my OEM 4 Point Rollcage or upgrade to a 6 Point Sportcage. My wife is always complaining because she is afraid I'm going to roll my 93 Wrangler one weekend and I was thinking about puting a 6 Point Sportcage on it. Or do they just make an add-on...
  3. JK General Discussion
    Hows it going? I am going to add on an aftermarket roll cage to my 08 2dr, and I was wondering which cage to pull the trigger on. First of all, I am a bit confused by the difference between a "sport cage" and a "roll cage", so if someone can clear the air on this, I would appreciate it. Not...
  4. TJ Technical Discussion
    looking for an inexpensive add-on to my stock sport cage. any thoughts/opinions on this/other cages? OR-FAB Bolt In Sport Cage For 1997-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ,LJ
1-4 of 5 Results