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  1. JL Technical Discussion
    I have a 2021 Wrangler Sport Unlimited, 6 cylinder EcoDiesel (JL). Installed a 2.5" superlift suspension lift kit + JKS track bar + teraflex lower control arms + Synergy 1.75" wheel spacers a few weeks ago. Still running stock wheels and tires. 30k miles. Took it from Phoenix (AZ) to Moab (UT)...
  2. JK Technical Discussion
    Well I just got my 2015 wrangler unlimited sport 24S, so it has the 17" wheels. I want to upgrade my rims and take advantage of black Friday but since my tires are brand new, I don't want to change them yet. Ultimately I want bigger tires and have not decided if I am going to lift the jeep yet(...
1-2 of 2 Results