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  1. JK Technical Discussion
    Hey everyone, I have had close to no AM/FM radio signal for probably over a year now. Every station is static but once in a while I will get stations for about a minute or two before it completely cuts out again. I have tried the stock antenna, antenna x, and I am now running a Quadratec...
  2. TJ Technical Discussion
    Hey Guys! El Yeep has been acting funny. I had to buy a new battery and it has been installed, but sometimes the thing wont start. I will put the key in, I get lights and beeps like normal, but when I go to crank, everything cuts off. The issue started in September, and back then I replaced...
  3. TJ General Discussion
    I have a 2000 Jeep Wrangler TJ. I have 2 cube LED lights on the bumper and 2 by the windshield. I mainly only use the 2 lights on the bumper when driving. And when they are turned on there is static in the radio to where you can not hear the music or use it at all. I have been researching this...
  4. JK General Discussion
    Hey Everyone, I'm getting weird static coming from my speakers. This only happens when I use the auxiliary or CD, radio is fine. It usually triggers if I increase the volume over half or so. It's also more noticeable when the song is a little more bass heavy. I've tried adjusting the bass and...
  5. JK General Discussion
    Every time I accelerate a weird static sound comes from the 4WD gear shifter area when it's disengaged. Any ideas on what's wrong and how to fix it? I have an automatic 2011 wrangler.
1-5 of 5 Results