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  1. JK Technical Discussion
    Hello, about a year ago, I had Jeep replace my steering box and 2 pumps on a 2017 rubicon recon JKU with 70,000 miles. 2 1/2 inch lift with 33s. For lack of a better description it had flat spots like something is binding where it seemed the power got low or stiffened up. for $5,500. It went...
  2. JL Technical Discussion
    So I recently bought a used 2020 Jeep Wrangler rubicon unlimited with 12k miles. It is lifted with wheel spacers with black rhino wheels + 35” tires. While driving, the car leans right. I mean I’m on the high way no matter how flat the road is, if i let go of the steering wheel even for a...
  3. YJ Technical Discussion
    I removed the track bars from my Daughter's '95 YJ, 6" Lift, 33" Tires. New Springs & Shocks. Definitely rode smoother but it was just flat scary to drive. The thing tracked all over the place at 65mph. Any ideas? If I can't solve the problem, I'm putting them back on.
  4. JK Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum but i know with all the experienced jeepers in this forum, i would definiely get an answer. So I was driving my 2013 rubicon and started to accelerate, for a moment i lost my concentration to the road and at approx speed of around ~20 mph, I hit a curb...
  5. TJ Technical Discussion
    2000 TJ. Removed 3 inch body mounts and everything went very well for my first time. I was told that the steering column would adjust. The steering is a lot stiffer than before the removal. Does not seem right. Any suggestions.
  6. TJ Technical Discussion
    Okay, so I have a 2001 jeep with a 4" suspension lift with ony The coils and control arms. There is about 3" play in the steering wheel where it doesn't turn the tires at at. At highway speeds it slightly turns to one side or the other when my steering wheel is straight. Is there any cheap way I...
  7. TJ General Discussion
    Okay so I recently bought a 2001, 60th annerversary Jeep and it came with a 4" Trail master lift on it. It has new coils, shocks, and control arms ( not sure long or short kinda noobish here). First of all, the jeep has some play in the wheel where it doesnt move the wheels at all and at highway...
  8. TJ Technical Discussion
    I have searched all the forums for this and can't find answers. I have an 02 TJ that I recently bought. After running at highway speeds for more than 30 min or so I get an odd pulsating whine when I am making tight turns. Doesn't do it when I've only been in city. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. TJ Technical Discussion
    I have a 99 tj with 4 cyl. It has recently started steering strangely. It turns left normally, but when turning right (at speed or stopped) there is much less resistance and it then reacts suddenly, jerking to the right. Tried changing the damper - no effect. It as though there is too much...
  10. YJ Technical Discussion
    I have a 87 that has play from left to right anyone have any ideas on what it is it.
  11. TJ Technical Discussion
    hey everyone. i just finished installing my 4 inch economy lift on my 01 sport wrangler. i took it for a test drive and when going straight, the steering wheel is turned about 75 degrees to to the left. anyone know what the issue could be? i did the tcase drop kit but did not do the drop pitman...
1-11 of 11 Results