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  1. 2011 Jeep JK

    My toy with lots of custom paint and powder coating (Lemon Peel), Alpine SWT-12S4, Rockstar XD827 wheels with custom painted Cosmo blue inserts,, Demon Eye headlights, DV8 light bars and pods, Steinjager Lemon Peel doors and lighting brackets, PC Lemon Peel side steps w/clear rubber epoxy steps
  2. JK Technical Discussion
    I did the obligatory search, but really didn't find anything here it goes. Has anyone installed or have experience with the Steinjager lifts? I'm looking at going with a red accent color on the under carriage (springs, control arms, tie bars, etc.) and there are not many options...
  3. TJ General Discussion
    What are Limb Risers? • Limb Risers are the steel cables that run from the fender up to the top of the vehicles windshield. Their purpose is to keep tree limbs and branches from hitting your windshield or scratching your paint. o On a side note they can stop hood flutter by creating upward...
1-3 of 4 Results