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  1. Michigan 2016 Jeep Wrangler Sport - Manual - 41K miles

    Jeeps For Sale
    2016 Jeep Wrangler Sport almost completely stock 40,750 Miles Firecracker Red Clear coat 3.6 Liter V6 6 Speed Manual Transmission Four Wheel Drive (High and Low) Hill Descent Control Traction Control ABS (4 Wheel) Hill Start Assist Control Electric Stability Control Power Steering...
  2. Tie Rod System Replacement

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hello, I want to replace my tie rod system with a heavy duty one and I was looking at the currie system, however the ones I saw said that they are for jeeps with a lift. I don't know if my jeep has a lift or not, I bought it used, but a couple mechanics said it looks stock to them. Is there a...
  3. Largest Tire Size for Stock Wrangler TJ

    Tires & Wheels
    What is the largest MT tire size I can go without having to mess with my front and rear gears? Assume 2" to 3" lift. My Wrangler TJ currently has no lift, but that is one of the upgrades I want to add to it. Thanks!
  4. New York JKU Stock Exhaust & JK Spiderwebshade

    Classifieds Archive
    Hey All, I have for Sale: JKU (4 door) Stock exhaust taken off at 12k miles. $50 obo. JK (2 door) Spiderwebshade black used for 2 seasons. $25 local pick up. Would be open to ship at buyer's expense. Located on Long Island, NY. I also have stock halogen headlights, tail lights, fog lights...
  5. Overlanding on a Stock Jeep JK/JL

    On The Trail
    Guys/Gals, Please don't take this as any disrespect for the hardcore rock-climbing/mudding crowd. I love what most have you have done with the platform. But for the recreational owner, I believe the stock JK/JL setup is really all you need. Aside from some very basic mods and add- ons. The...
  6. 33in tires with stock rims and no lift?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I know this has been asked before but these tire specifications are very difficult to understand. I want to run the Milestar Patagonia M/T. I have a 2012 Jeep JK with the 17" stock rims and no lift (I might install a lift in the near future but right now it doesn't have one) Buying them from...
  7. 2018 JKU Sport Thumping Noise Over Bumps

    JK Tech Forum
    For background, its a brand new stock Jeep JKU Sport i got a little over a year ago and I've racked up about 13,000 miles since; all of which are mostly local roads, freeway and occasional 2hr drives to the airport about once a month. Driven it in one snow storm for fun but other than that...
  8. Stock Seat Height

    YJ General Discussion Forum
    Hey all, this should be an easy one. I need the stock seat height from the front and rear of the front seats. I have Corbeau Baja recliners and they sit way too high on stock risers. Bought the Corbeau risers and they are absolutely terrible and still too high :atomic: Now that the weather is...
  9. Stock Wrangler JK17 can fit 275/70R18 with no rubbing?

    Australia Jeep Forum
    Hi lads! I am new here and couldn't find the correct information for the setup I am leaning on atm. I own a 2017 JK stock rims 18" and just want to give a better look with some slightly bigger & wider tires. I have been looking at the Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 275/70R18 but I just want to...
  10. Another d30 re-gear question...

    JK Tech Forum
    Okay so before everyone tells me to go and read up on other threads I already have, and have come up empty. Basically I'm looking to be schooled in the topic, not belittled. Question: Can I regear my stock d30 from 3.21 to 4.88? Obviously you can but I cant find a decent enough thread that...
  11. Lift or no lift?

    WF New Member Check In
    Hello everyone, After 10 years I am finally thinking to modify my jku rubicon. I have fully enjoyed this car over the years camping, off roading and even come rock crawling. The reason to consider it now is that I crashed my steering damper about six month ago and I’ve been driving without...
  12. Georgia JKU Sport 17" Rims and Tires

    Classifieds Archive
    Wheels are in perfect condition, no curb rash. Spare has not been used. Tires have plenty of tread left, from my 2014 which I bought new and only driven about 15k miles. $450 Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5
  13. Ohio Stock wheels and tires low miles

    Classifieds Archive
    Got a set of 5 wheels+tires+tpms. 4500 miles on them. Goodyear Wrangler 255/75r17 Wheels are 5x5 lug pattern Just been sitting in the garage getting dirty for a while. Make an offer, I'm reasonable and would rather someone use them than just sitting. I'm East of Cleveland Ohio.. 44057(Madison)
  14. Sahara 18" Stock wheels unsellable?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I've been trying to sell my stock almost new 2014 Sahara wheels and tires but I haven't gotten any bites. I posted on Craigslist and facebook groups and not one bite. I brought all 5 and a denim cover down to $420 and still no bite. I can't store them anymore. My landlord is pissed, so I...
  15. New 35" Tires!..Now Which Gears...?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I'm stoked, ordered 35" All Terrain KO2's with ProComp 7032 wheels (like the one in the picture). I will be getting the lift done before I install new tires but I have a question about gearing. -What gears does the stock 2016 JKU come with? -Are there gears in the front AND back diff that need...
  16. 35" tires on completely stock Jeep

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hello all, before i continue with my post i want to apologize if this question has bean asked before. I am looking to purchase a 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Freedom Edition, but before i do that i wanted to know if i am able to put 35" tires on without any type of lift. This jeep will be my...
  17. Looking to see bigger tires on stock 18's with no lift. Thanks!

    JK Pics Forum
    Have a 2017 Sahara Unlimited and would love to see some pictures of bigger tires on the stock 18's with no lift. Curious to know the sizes and tire brands too. Trying to figure out what I would like best. TIA.
  18. 285/70/r17 on a stock 2017 JK?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I have searched on these forums but still haven't quite found the exact answer i need so i'm creating anew thread. I am new to Jeep and to the forums. I just got my first, 2017 JKU Sport at the end of March. I am ready to buy new wheels and tires. That being said, i have my heart set on the...
  19. Looking for advice on tire sizes for the stock 18 in rims on 2017 Sahara Unlimited

    Tires & Wheels
    I am curious to hear opinions on the biggest tires I can fit on the stock 18 inch rims on the 2017 Sahara Unlimited without lifting it. I have read through the threads but usually end up utterly confused. And, I would love to see some pictures showing the various different tire sizes on the...
  20. Upgrade 2017 JKU Rubicon Hard Rock

    JK Tech Forum
    Hi everyone! :iamhappy: This is my first post as I'm new to the JK Family. First question: 1. Thoughts on upgrading the 130 Unit that comes stock in JKU Rubicon 2017 Hard Rock Edition. I am thinking about this unit: Raxiom OE-Style Navigation...