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suspension lift
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  1. Pennsylvania Jeep Forum
    I live 15 mins North of Pittsburgh in Evans City. Looking for fair priced shop to slap on my suspension lift. Any leads would be great. Thanks!
  2. TJ Tech Forum
    Hi, I have a 2001 TJ with a 4”suspension lift. I have 33” tires that hit the fenders pretty often. I'm thinking of getting 35's. I’m thinking of adding a 2” body lift. What shocks would be compatible? I currently have Bilstein 25-193121 on the rear and IDK (came with the used Jeep) on the...
  3. JK General Discussion Forum
    Looking to lift my first Wrangler so I have zero experience. Anyone have any experience with the Rough Country Series II 2.5” suspension lift kit? What bump stops will work with this lift kit that don’t cost $150 on their own?
  4. JK Tech Forum
    I’m looking to buy my first car, and I’m looking at jku’s. I love the Jeep life, I grew up in the passenger seat of my dads TJ which I’m borrowing now. I want to fit 33’s, high clearance fenders and maybe a stubby bumper down the road. But I don’t know what to do for the lift. I’ve read posts...
  5. YJ Tech Forum
    My question is, does this YJ Jeep have a body lift or body and suspension lift. It has 33-12.5R15s on it. They scrub on tight turns. I can see what looks like 2" or 3" spacers on the body. It looks like two spacers, the stock ones plus other taller ones. It looks like 1" spacers on the...
  6. JK Tech Forum
    I did the obligatory search, but really didn't find anything here it goes. Has anyone installed or have experience with the Steinjager lifts? I'm looking at going with a red accent color on the under carriage (springs, control arms, tie bars, etc.) and there are not many options...
  7. JK Pics Forum
    Pic request. Especially looking for 2-doors with this combo of 2-3" of suspension lift with a 1.25" body lift kit. Thanks!
  8. Classifieds Archive
    I have a 1997 Jeep Wrangler Stock coil springs and suspension for sale. Asking $70 or O.B.O
  9. JK Tech Forum
    Hey guys, this may be the wrong place to post this and if it is, I'm sorry. I just joined the forum after a good while of reading your insights on everything, from helping me research the few things I've done-to everything I want to (or wish to) someday do to my Jeep. This place is awesome!. I...
  10. JK General Discussion Forum
    My friend gave me his four door suspension when he got a lift. I am planning on putting it on my two door sport but how much will it lift it??
  11. TJ Tech Forum
    Hi folks, just registered. 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sport. I just busted a rear shock (have busted four rear shocks in total due to bad shock/spring configuration). I've been wanting to "fix" my 3" suspension setup for...well, 13 years. Now is the time I pretty much have to, but can't afford a great...
  12. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Well I just recently bought a '00 Jeep Wrangler and was looking at lift kits. I worked out my tire situation and I'm going to be running bfg 33x12.5x15 km2's and i wanted to put about a 3.5" lift on my jeep. What I would like to do is put on a 2.5" suspension and then a 1" body lift. I was...
  13. YJ Tech Forum
    Apologies if this have been already discussed. I currently have black diamond lift installed including some shackle lift (i believe additional 2") total lift aprox 4.5-5.5" My jeep already had that when i bought it, myself i have done 6000miles on it so it should have been broken in enough...
  14. JK Tech Forum
    Hey, just wanted to know if anyone would know the difference in ride quality between the two. I currently have a 2.5 inch teraflex coil lift with bilstein 5100's. Im not really happy with the ride quality, really stiff. Would going to a rubicon express superflex suspension lift improve the ride...
  15. TJ General Discussion Forum
    I just recently bought a jeep for myself (16 years old) and want to add stuff to it. My mom's boyfriend actually built an '87 cj7 and knows a lot about jeeps. But I just wanted some other opinions. My jeep is a 2000 Wrangler tj and it is completely stock. I wanted to give it a 1.25 inch body...
  16. YJ Tech Forum
    Thinking about buying a this lift from superlift :pc-ouch: 1.5" Jeep Suspension Lift Kit - 1987-1996 YJ - K722 | Superlift or this one from skyjacker :jawdrop: Skyjacker 2.5" Sport Suspension Lift Kit with Hydro Shocks for 87-95 Jeep® Wrangler YJ - Quadratec Can anyone give me a hint or...
  17. Classifieds Archive
    Changing to 37s and selling my current setup. These were put on new by the dealer when I bought the jeep 6,000 miles ago. Tires are showing almost no wear (still measuring 19/32 tread depth) and the wheels are perfect. No scratches, scuffs or any defects whatsoever. This is as close to a new set...
  18. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Can i combine them? what problems am i facing if i do it? never paid attention until i started to work installing the 4" suspension lift kit
  19. JK Tech Forum
    Done a fair amount of research on this, and I'd love to run my potential set up by all you experts out there. I've owned my JK 2D for a year now, and it's time to make it more fun! Here's what I THINK I want, based off all the threads I've read here in the forums, but want to know if it's a...
1-19 of 105 Results