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  1. Missing Bolt from Tailgate

    JK Tech Forum
    Hey gang, I'm missing a bolt from my 2015 JK tailgate. I've searched but can't find the screw size. Thanks for the help!
  2. another DIY jeep tailgate table

    General Jeep Discussion
    Went off Hiker J's video but changed it up a bit. No drill and completely removable.
  3. Installing OEM tailgate lock actuator with Viper 211HV keyless entry

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hello, I ultimately want to install remote keyless entry on all my doors + tailgate but I have decided to start small and go with keyless entry for just my tailgate for now given that is the biggest pain of all for manual locks in my 2014 jk wrangler unlimited. I will do something similar (or...
  4. Rear Tire Carrier Options

    JL Wrangler General Discussion
    I am building my JLUR up little by little and one of the things on my long list is the ability to carry extra fuel. Most options that I am looking at would have the fuel on the back tailgate. Possibly a Trail Trekker 2 Fuel tank which is mounted on the rear carrier before the spare tire. The...
  5. Squeak coming from tailgate/window area...(SOLUTION)

    JK Tech Forum
    Hey all- this is just a PSA, as it was driving me nuts over the past month or two. I began to hear a squeak in the rear of my JKU when going over bumps. Nothing awful to start with, but a definitely annoying noise. I thought originally that the noise was coming from where the soft top connected...
  6. TJ Tailgate Door Mis-Alignment?

    TJ Tech Forum
    My '03 tailgate door will not close without some brute force "finessing." It may be the latching mechanism? It may be the hinges are no longer aligning with the door peg. It may be a combination of both... And it's hard to tell, because sometimes it closes normally, and others I have to...
  7. Tailgate Table for 2019 JL

    JL Wrangler General Discussion
    Does anyone know why the tailgate table is now missing from the Mopar website? It appears in a search, but when you click on it to get more details the page throws a 404 error. Also problems adding it to my cart. I’m hesitant to buy it because I’m wondering why it’s not available. My guess...
  8. Review: Springtail Solutions Gen 2 Tailgate Table/MOLLE panel

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I installed the new Gen 2 tailgate table/MOLLE panel from Springtail Solutions in my 2014 JKU Polar Edition and didn't see any threads specifically for the Gen 2 so I wanted to provide a review and spark the conversation. I never had the Gen 1 table so I can't provide a side-by-side comparison...
  9. VIDEO: Teraflex Alpha HD Hinge Overview and Install

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hey Guys, found a sweet deal on a used teraflex alpha hd tire carrier! Put together an overview and install video, check it out below! :drinks:
  10. Reliable Tire Carrier

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hello there, I have a 2012 JKU with low miles. Just threw some 35"s on it and am concerned about the weight (just over 100lbs). I've searched quite extensively for a tire carrier to avoid destroying my tailgate and the rattling. I'm just overwhelmed by all the available choices and mixed...
  11. Tailgate Hinge Covers?

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    I bought my Jeep with only the bottom tailgate hinge cover still attached, and it looks off. I'd like to buy another one for the top, but can't find replacements for TJ's anywhere. If they just don't exist or something, I'm gonna remove the bottom one.
  12. Tire Carrier/Tailgate Hinge Rattle

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hi everyone, I have 35's on my Jeep with a 35 on the tire carrier. I noticed a ratting from the tire carrier a while ago, and it was louder/worse when going over any bumps in the road. I changed the tire carrier and it was good for a while, and now the sound has returned. I'm wondering if I...
  13. First Stage of Build Complete...Need Help from experts!

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hi Everyone! This is my first post on here so please help me out if I'm doing it wrong. Just took my 2012 JK into the shop to finally get a lift and tires/wheels. Went with the following: 3.5" Rubicon Express Standard Lift with Monotube Shocks 35" ProComp XMT2 17" Pro Comp 5045 Recently...
  14. Anyone Wish the Tailgate Was Hinged on the Other Side?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Has anyone else often wished that the tailgate hinged on the driver's side instead of the passenger's side? It never seems to matter where I am, which direction I'm parked, or from which direction I'm coming, I find that the tailgate opens on the more inconvenient side so that I have to walk...
  15. Tire Carrier vs. Hinges

    JK Tech Forum
    There are a few posts about this already but I want to look at it from several different angles at once! I'm buying my first set of steel bumpers, front and back, but I can't decide between a tire carrier/bumper or just reinforced hinges and a steel bumper alone. I've been thinking about the...
  16. Tailgate Replacement

    JK Tech Forum
    I was recently in a wreck and have to replace the tailgate and wheel mount. Has anyone done this themselves? My dad knows his way around a jeep so I was hoping he could do it. I have been looking for a tailgate but I haven't seen too many online. Any suggestions on where to get one? Also...
  17. Springtail MPAC JK rear door folding tray/molle

    JK Tech Forum
    I had just recently posted a question regarding the tray but must say how easy this is to install (mods, feel free to move be this to the thread that lead me to this product). My 08 JK had a drop down tailgate that I installed-i just felt I needed the room but missed out on products such as...
  18. NEED: Sienna Pearl OE Tailgate or Hinges

    Classifieds Archive
    Hey everyone, Looking to buy an OE Sienna Pearl tailgate, or even just the hinges if that's all you have for an 02 TJ. Thanks!
  19. How long can you play music with the jeep off?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    So I'm planning on tailgating tomorrow and using the topless Jeep to play music. I have a 2008 JKU with the Infinity Sound System. I'm wondering how long I can play music at a decently loud volume(I'm guessing from 17-25'ish) without killing my battery. If it helps, I believe the Infinity SS...
  20. Tailgate Filter

    JK General Discussion Forum
    [Image from Extreme Terrain] Anyone know what the tailgate filter is called underneath the tire carrier? I tried looking through the manual but couldn't find it. I think mine just separated and is knocking around in the tailgate. Anyone purchase a replacement that's more robust and secure...