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  1. JK Technical Discussion
    Last Feb we were camping in the middle of dessert and to reach the camp site we have to trail around fine sand dunes and just because i didn't want be stuck in the sand I ended up running over a high cliffed sand dune. it was a fun thrill but I am still paying for that trip. The two rear oem...
  2. JK General Discussion
    Hi I already feel like a member after reading so much on here. I have a Tank Green 2016 Sahara Unlimited and I’m planning on the following: 1. Getting the stock rims powder coated black. 2. Getting larger tires 33’s. 3. Getting SpiderTrax 1.5 Wheel Spacers. 4. Getting 1.5” TerraFlex Leveling...
  3. 10a Jeep

    10th Anniversary Jeep Rubicon
  4. Terraflex Hinged Tire Carrier

    Was too worried about my !00+ lbs 35" spare hanging off my gate so I purchased the TF hinged carrier.
  5. Exhaust and Headers
    After installing my Terraflex exhaust spacers I sometimes hear I really harsh exhaust noise on hard acceleration. I only notice it with my rear window out and driving next to something to reflect the noise back to me. I don't hear it with the windows up so it's not like it's reverberating...
1-5 of 5 Results