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  1. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Came back from a rock crawling day to find I smooshed my exhaust pipe on a rock (which in turn kept disconnecting my muffler from the pressure.) Does anyone have any advice on the best way to modify/fix the issue so it doesn't happen again? Is it safe to just saw off the last 3" or so? Is it...
  2. JK General Discussion Forum
    Just picked up our new 2017 willies JKU a cpl weeks ago. This will be our retirement transportation!! Made 26 trips across Canada and the USA on motorcycles and passed by sooooo many canyons, trails and mountain lakes that time would not allow to explore. Now, with the Willies, and a small...
  3. Virginia Jeep Forum
    I bought my first Jeep, a 2017 wrangler sport, this past October. Now that spring's here I'd like to try out some off-roading. Does anyone know of a good place for a beginner within about an hour of the beltway? I could also use any advice and/or tips about Jeep ownership.
  4. Communications and Electronics
    Hey all, I have a question. In my last jeep it had a CB that the previous owner installed, but the antenna didn't work and seeing as I don't have any use for a CB anyhow i just used it for its PA function. I would like to get the same setup in my new jeep that I'm getting, but improve the...
  5. YJ General Discussion Forum
    I recently got a 1994 YJ Sahara that is basically bone stock besides the Mickey Thompson wheels its got on. I need some tips on body armor including fender flares, a front bumper, rear bumper, and rock sliders. I also would like a 4-5 in lift...any suggestions?
  6. TJ Tech Forum
    Uses for toggle switches I recently bought a 2005 jeep wrangler (yet to be taken out on the trails) that has a lot off accessories already. There is one toggle switch installed on the center console that I am unable to find a function for. What are some common things to connect to a rocker...
  7. JK General Discussion Forum
    With spring right around the corner, people will be pulling their soft tops out of winter storage or pulling out their wallets to buy a new soft top. There are always a bunch of threads asking which top is best or how to install them, but it never seems like you can find all the information in...
  8. JK General Discussion Forum
    So I have learned my lesson in STAYING AWAY FROM SEMI TRUCKS ON THE FREEWAY :pullinghair: I have called my insurance company and have arranged a windshield replacement for $100 deductible; however, I'm concerned that the repair center will install aftermarket glass. I really want OEM...
  9. YJ General Discussion Forum
    :awesome: so recently i bought a white 1995 rio grande wrangler its a stick shift and just wondering if you guys could give me any tips for new jeep owners
  10. TJ Tech Forum
    So my oil pressure has been odd. Sits around 40 on start up and goes to around 20 after hitting temp. However, if I slow down it drops lower (5-8) and remains there even after I accelerate/raise rpm. I am assuming I need a new pump as I have changed out the sending unit and oil changed recently...
  11. JK General Discussion Forum
    Alright lets get started. If you lifted, got new tires, or just modified your jeep in any way post it below. This will help me and all rookies in this madder. BE SURE to include if you liked it or not.
  12. General Jeep Discussion
    got my first jeep this week and am super psyched about the nice wide 33s and everything else i'll be putting on next week. i've got some people who are eager to help me learn how take full advantage of all my new rig's capabilities, but i'd like to ask everyone here if they have any resources on...
  13. JK General Discussion Forum
    I just got my first iPhone/smartphone. I'm looking to find good apps and tricks on how to use it. Here are some of the things I have thought of so far. The more obvious things that come to mind. If I'm missing something please chime in. make calls (I have a CB for more remote places) check...
  14. JK General Discussion Forum
    I think we all know that going off road risks the possibility of something breaking which can cost you lots of money very quickly. With a little knowledge preparation at home, and while on the trail, you could possibly save yourself hundreds, even thousands of dollars (and a ruined day). This...
  15. General Jeep Discussion
    Hey everyone! Im hoping to buy a wrangler soon and would love some tips and what to look for and what to avoid. I would definitely like a 6 cylinder. It will mostly be a daily driver with some light offroading and mountain driving here and there. I would like to stay under 18k or so. Any tips...
  16. YJ General Discussion Forum
    I could use some help w/ pics or tips on upgrading my bushings and shocks. Advice and pics from someone that has already done it would really help me a lot. Thanx...John
  17. YJ General Discussion Forum
    I am finally putting a 4" lift kit in my YJ. plus, 33" tires to boot! :confused:Any tips from those more experienced in the ways of suspension and drivetrain. I want to make this a weekend project not a week LONG project...:confused:
1-17 of 20 Results