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  1. YJ General Discussion
    Tall Tires with Tall Gears? Ground Clearance over lower Gears? Like, I want 33 x 12.50 x r15 tires but 3.07: 1 gears. I do not want to pour money into Dana 30 and 35 axles and install a lower gear set. Want to save the money for bigger axles for this new Jeep. Would you drive a 31 x 12.50 x...
  2. JL Technical Discussion
    What is the max tire size that would fit full stock no modifications for a 2019 Jeep Wrangler Sport Unlimited Edition?
  3. JK Technical Discussion
    I know this has been answered in a bunch of different ways, but I'm looking to get direct answers from anyone who has used the setup they're talking about and give me the pros/cons of your setup. I'm going to be putting a JKS 2.5" lift on my 2018 Wrangler Sahara Unlimited JK. Here is a list of...
  4. JK Technical Discussion
    Advise needed. I have a 2010 JKU with a 3" Lift. Currently running 285/70/17 Cooper St Max with wheel spacers. I want to change to the 265/70/17 Coopers, but just recently bought 2 new tires for the front. Would it be possible to swap out the front ones with 265s [leave spacers] and swap the...
  5. Tires & Wheels
    What is the largest MT tire size I can go without having to mess with my front and rear gears? Assume 2" to 3" lift. My Wrangler TJ currently has no lift, but that is one of the upgrades I want to add to it. Thanks!
  6. Tires & Wheels
    I recently bought a jeep TJ with 305 65R17 tires. Theses tires are nearly 12" wide and I was wondering if I could change to a tire with less width while keeping my 17" rims or will I need new rims? Thanks in advance and apologies if this is a dumb question
  7. TJ Technical Discussion
    Hello I need some help deciding on my next step. I've enclosed a photo of my spider gears. I've been told by two shops that the spider gears are "destroyed." One last summer, one this summer. The jeep is driving fine, but now I'm nervous about wheeling it as I don't want to get stuck in the...
  8. JK General Discussion
    hi, have 2013, 4 door Rubicon with a 2.5 inch lift running the Nitto Trail Grappler now (315/70/17) on stock rims trying to have new Nitto Ridge Grappler (35X12.5R17LT) tires installed on stock rims the tire guy is telling me they will not fit...the question is? can i put them on stock rims...
  9. JK General Discussion
    I am still fairly new to the forum and have read a lot of good information. I am running the RC 4" lift right now and am slightly disappointed with it. I am glad to have a beefier looking rig, but I want to go another route (bigger). I have 35x12.50 r17 Pitbull Rockers and according to their...
  10. JK General Discussion
    Hey everyone, Bought my 15 JKU a few months back and am finally looking to upgrade wheels and tires. Based off some great threads on here I think I have narrowed it down to 305/65R17's or 33x12.5x17's. Does anyone have any advice/preference on either size? I would plan on doing something like...
  11. Tires & Wheels
    Wondering how big of a tire will fit on my 2010 jeep wrangler sport. I have 265/70/17 right now. Want to go taller and wider without a lift. Can anyone help?
  12. JK General Discussion
    Wondering how big of a tire will fit on my 2010 jeep wrangler. I have 265/70/17 right now. Want to go taller and wider without a lift. Can anyone help?
  13. TJ General Discussion
    2 Part question. I have an 06 Wrangler Sport. I'm installing a 4" suspension lift and want to put 33" tires on. It currently has 15" rims. 1) Anyone know what the stock rim width is? 2) I want to keep the stock rims. What's the widest tire I can install on this rim? The current tires are 30x9.5 R15
  14. JK General Discussion
    So while trying to figure out what wheels and tires I wanna roll with on my 10' JKU when I get it in a few months, ran into a little hiccup. Finally settled on a wheel that I'm gonna go for. Fuel Offroad Boost D534 either 16x8: 16x8 Fuel Boost Black Milled D53416802645 or 17x9: 17x9 Fuel Boost...
  15. CJ General Discussion
    I recently had a transfer case go out on me and got a used one and had it put in. On the first drive I noticed that the speed was way off. the tries i have on it are 235/75r15 and the highest on the factory label is 225/75r15 could this be the reason for the speed variation or is it possible the...
  16. JK General Discussion
    Anybody have any opinions or experience with Level 8 Tracker or MB Razor Rims? I'm looking to order rims with the correct backspacing to run 285/70r17 or possibly 295/70r17 tires. Wheel Details - Discount Tire Direct Wheel Details - Discount Tire Direct
  17. YJ Technical Discussion
    I have an all stock 95 YJ 4 Cylinder 122K. I have done a lot of reading and I know 235/75 (29"x9.25") can fit without any problems. If I go bigger to 30x9.5" or 31x10.5" where would there be a possibility of rubbing, the fenders or the suspension? Will doing a 1" BL fix these rubbing issues...
  18. JK General Discussion
    Hi all, new to the forum, not new to Wranglers. I've had a TJ as my daily driver and occasional off-roader for 13 years. Loved it. Kept it stock. I just bought a 2014 2 door JK sport (automatic), 3.21 gears, last July that had 17" rims and the Wrangler SA 255/75/R17 tires (approx 32"). I...
  19. YJ Technical Discussion
    im sort of new to all of this; i just got my first car.. a 95 yj (rio grande), and ive been trying to learn as much as possible from my gnarly mom who is an off road fanatic.. im just not sure about the lift and the tire size. i want either a one or a two inch body lift (im not sure which is...
  20. TJ General Discussion
    Hello Wrangler Forum community from Maryland! I purchased my first Jeep Wrangler TJ back in August 2013. What can I say, I absolutely love it. I'm sold for life. Since I got it, I've never done so much research in my life. I'm probably on Wrangler Forum every single day looking up all...
1-20 of 48 Results