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  1. TJ General Discussion Forum
    So here's the deal: New-ish Jeep owner here; I've been looking forward to driving around this fall with the top down and possibly the doors off, but I obviously don't want to leave it completely exposed to the elements. I don't have access to a garage and don't want to deal with the hassle of...
  2. TJ Tech Forum
    Hi thanks for any help in advance! I kept having my 2000 Jeep TJ Sport pop out of 5th gear especially while accelerating. So I removed my transmission put in a new flywheel, clutch, pressure plate, pilot bearing, clutch release bearing got a new clutch master/slave cylinder ready to in once I...
  3. TJ General Discussion Forum
    So, sadly, I did the TJ tango with a near-sighted cow elk a few weeks back. She was a hefty lass with all left feet and the dalliance ended poorly for us both. Grateful I didn't roll or collide with another vehicle, but she spun me hard 180 and I drifted side-ways into a guard rail. Front end...
  4. TJ Tech Forum
    Folks, recently engine light came on my TJ 2006 Stick Shift. Wrangler would struggle to accelerate on any gear. AutoZone diagnosed it as a camshaft sensor issue and the employee described that the computer mismatched how much fuel it needs to inject due to this sensor issue. Sometimes the light...
  5. TJ Tech Forum
    Newbie here but not to Jeeps. Looking hard at 2 TJ Unlimited Rubicon. 1 with 6spd, one with 42RLE. I am new to the 4spd auto in this iteration and have the AX4 in my XJ. Both are low mile units and appear to be very clean, prices are close with no negotiations yet. The 42RLE has been...
  6. Arizona Jeep Forum
    I just recently moved to Arizona. I have a 2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (single owner) that needs work. It has 90k miles on it. It spent its whole life up north and it has a bit of rust and I wonder if it's worth trying to restore or try to sell it. I'd like to get it to a knowledgeable Jeep...
  7. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Hello All: what’s the best radiator for replacement. I tried searching for an oem radiator on and google, but unable to find one. Anybody know where I can find one? Or highly recommended after market?
  8. TJ General Discussion Forum
    I’m looking to get 32s on my Tj in-line 6, automatic transmission. Just bought it from a guy and he said he put a limited slip in too. I’m not sure if the gearing was changed but was wondering if rehearing for it would be necessary?
  9. General Jeep Discussion
    Heyy everyone👋👋I’m new to the forum. I have a 99 4Cyl 2.5L (don’t hurt me🤕😂) and I have a question. I went out the other day and started up my 99 Tj (daily driver) drove about a half mile and couldn’t go into 3rd for some reason. The clutch was sticking not letting me shift up or down so I...
  10. YJ General Discussion Forum
    Newbie here. I have a 90 YJ and found a TJ instatrunk for sale. Does anybody know if it will fit? They are not in my town but I'd drive to get it if it fits. Thanks
  11. TJ Tech Forum
    Need some help here, I have a P0032 (HO2S Heater Control Circuit High bank 1 Sensor 1), I am about to buy new CATS, but wanted some input. To stubborn to pay a $150 diag fee.. Completed the following: - Replaced all O2 sensors with the NGK parts - Had dealership complete the TSB 25-005-13 -...
  12. TJ Pics Forum
    First off, I'm not looking for the a-hole criticism of the traditional Keepers, I just want to know the casual thoughts. My rig ain't I really want it to be? Now, I recently came into the Jeep, a gift from an Old Man. His dream when he bought it brand new was chrome on it. So, to...
  13. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Hey y'all I'm new to Jeeps and recently got an 01 TJ Sahara. I intend to keep it stock looking and replace any high-wear areas. Any advice on what parts may need to be checked and perhaps replaced? The engine is rebuilt, less than 700 miles on it. 175,000 on the Odometer and it purrs like a cat...
  14. TJ Tech Forum
    I’m new to the Jeep world was getting ready to do some maintenance when I noticed this plug above the opda there’s wires running above it but my question is should there wires that are to be going to this? if so for what? It’s an 05 4.0 6 spd
  15. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Hey y'all, I just want to know what transmissions if any are compatible with the '01 Sahara, it's automatic. I want a new transmission because from what I've seen through research is that the factory trannys are not the best. Any advice? Anyone?
  16. TJ Tech Forum
    Hey everyone, I recently blew a hole in the side of my TJ 4.0 engine block and I am looking into replacing it myself. I have all of the tools and skills needed but I can't find anywhere that gives a good explanation of what seals I need to replace. All of the engine seal repair kits seem to come...
  17. TJ Tech Forum
    Hey everyone! Quick question, is the location of the crankshaft position censor different on a 2006 2.4 manual trans. vs. other years that had the 2.4? I've seen a lot of threads on 2003-2005, but mine doesn't seem like it is in the same location. I'm currently trying to diagnose a no start...
  18. TJ Tech Forum
    Hey everyone, First time poster, but I haven't seen this question answered before. I have a 3.5" Rubicon Express lift on my '97 TJ. The only thing I don't like about this lift is that the body looks slightly lower in the front than in the back. I'm going to be swapping axles soon and since I'm...
  19. TJ Tech Forum
    Hi all, first time poster here. And I did attempt to google and read through previous forums to see if I could find a solution before throwing myself on the collective mercy of the forums. I own a 2000 TJ, had her since 2009, and put all the blood, sweat and tears into her maintenance. A few...
  20. TJ Tech Forum
    I've been looking into swapping a 5.3 Gen 3 engine to my 99 Jeep 4.0 Thinking of keeping the AX15 Transmission and Original Gauges. It is A LOT of work for sure to do all this, any of you know who does these kinds of swaps around DMV area? And how much? TIA
1-20 of 161 Results