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  1. On The Trail
    I was just in the Phoenix area February March. I really wanted to get some trail riding in however, I know better than to go off on my own in an unfamiliar area. While in Phoenix I tried to find a group doing a trail ride but was not successful. I intend to be in Phonex again in February March...
  2. On The Trail
    Has anyone been offroading at stag hill in NY/NJ? if so, what kind of obstacles are there? Is it legal/illegal? Will my stock 2022 JLUS make it through w/o damage? What’re the coordinates of the trails? Any info helps. Please and thanks
  3. New York Jeep Forum
    Hi all, im a brand new Jeep owner (2022 JLU Sahara) and also new to forums so I hope I’m posting in the correct area. I’d like to start exploring the world of off-roading so please keep your recommendations to beginner/easy trails, if possible. Anyone have any suggestions? Im also willing to...
  4. Classifieds Archive- move sold/expired ads here
    Charlene and I have decided to build another Jeep so are selling the “Orange One”. It is a 2013 JK Sport that was built by Jeff Harvey at Rockridge 4WD in East Wenatchee in 2019. Nearly all the add on components are Teraflex brand. There are no mechanical issues and 93,000 on the odometer...
  5. Orange One

    Summer 2019 on the Beehive Trail in central Washington State.
  6. On The Trail
    Hi all, i am looking to test out my JLU one of these weekends coming up at the trail on Boundary Road. (Just north of Oshawa). I know it's a relatively light trail, but since it's the beginning of the season, it should be a little bit more interesting. I'd be driving up from Mississauga...
  7. Wisconsin Jeep Forum Lover's trail located just east of the Kettles is a place where time forgot. Crawl over washouts and gaze among the fields and trees. Do not trespass and go down into the ravine or washouts. Has a mandatory lvl 4 roll of 16...
  8. JK General Discussion
    Hello, I will be attending the Rubicon Jeep Jamboree this year for the first time. I am interested in knowing what configuration for my Jeep JKU anyone who has been on the trail would recommend. I am considering going with no top and no doors - No doors mainly for better visibility and...
  9. General Jeep Discussion
    We go through this stuff at our rides and camps, thought I'd make a little video sharing some of the stuff we have in our rigs. Want to aid new trail users to some of the basic stuff a lot of us carry.
  10. Land Use Forum
    I’ve ridden the dirt devil, and went to adventure Offroad, trying to go out to woolys at some point. But I want to see if there are any public trails in the Murfreesboro/Nashville area for when I just wanna go get muddy and not a whole day trip. Thanks!
  11. On The Trail
    Hey Middle Tennessee Jeepers, is anyone familiar with what looks like an off-road trail in Antioch, TN? You can see it from I24 (on the right, as you're heading East toward Smyrna) between the Bell Rd and Hickory Hollow Pky exits... Looks like you get to it from the lane in front of Carnival...
  12. Busywild 2016

    Elbe WA., Bring your body armor.
  13. Busywild 2016

    Elbe WA., Bring your body armor.
  14. Busywild 2016

    Elbe WA., Bring your body armor.
  15. Classifieds Archive- move sold/expired ads here
    Ok guys, my friend needs my help selling his tires (set of 4). He's been busy with school and family stuff and doesn't think ill be able to sell it on here! So prove me wrong. He ran these tires for under 3k miles and switched to 35s, wasn't in a rush to sell them until he came to find out he...
  16. Nevada Jeep Forum
    All, The forum has been a bit dead lately, so I want to amp it up a bit. There might have been a map and pic thread previously , but I haven't seen it on my perusals. I would like to keep this one a bit modified to where it isn't just cool pics (that many have no idea to replicate/find), but...
  17. On The Trail
    Most of the following images were taken by Bond on Holcomb Trail. Anyone else visit Big Bear this weekend? We'd love to see some of your pictures!
1-17 of 64 Results